Discovering your Family History with Wayne Haston

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Why Study Dead People? This article is based on an interview I had with Dr. Wayne Haston, an expert on discovering family history. So why study dead people? It’s a lonely hobby as it’s so narrowly focused! When Dr. Haston [...]

How to Go from Busyness to Living with Intention at Halftime

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Busyness vs. Intention We hear about the importance of living with intention vs. busyness. However, we equate being busy with being productive and successful. With my family in Georgia, our southern roots said busyness was next to Godliness! What time [...]

How Do You Know You’re at Halftime?

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Women at Halftime I work with a lot of women, and specifically women at halftime. When I tell others of this, I often see their eyes light up. They then ask the question, When does halftime begin? as they wonder [...]