Transitioning from Day Jobs to Entrepreneur

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Boxed Framework Most people in day jobs are working within a given set of guidelines and schedule. I refer to those parameters as a boxed framework that gives you a guide. Your meetings are mostly planned, or you plan them [...]

When are You Too Old to Start Over?

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Lessons to be Learned There are a great many lessons learned in business from those with years of experience. Especially when they share valuable nuts and bolts that will save time, resources and emotional energy. When I interviewed Pat Iyer [...]

How To Successfully Grow Old Together

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What's it Mean to Grow Old?Looking across at Greg as we said our wedding vows, my thoughts were not on how to successfully grow old together! Rather, my thoughts were on how handsome he was and how glad I was [...]

What to Learn When Things Go Wrong

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When Things Go WrongWhat to learn when things go wrong --lots! All of us have faced moments when things going wrong many times over. However, when things go wrong in our personal life, in our business and in relationships we [...]

How Will Going Beyond a Technical Approach in Business Help Me?

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Technical ApproachWhat does it really mean to go beyond a technical approach in business? I’m going to begin to answer that for you in this article! I love this subject because I get to delve into my nerdy side. I [...]

Article Writing with a Newsletter- Is it Worth it?

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Article WritingAs one who has been article writing with a monthly, then weekly newsletter for almost twenty years, I evaluate from time to time whether it is still worth doing so. Granted, I started out very simple. I listed my [...]

The Good and Bad of Competition

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Competition...A Part of LifeCompetition is a part of our life, both personally and professionally, but sometimes it gets a bad rap. Personally we tend to compete with ourselves or base our present performance on past results. Professionally, there are endless [...]

The Value of a Good Guide-Priceless!

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What is the True Value?The value of a good guide is actually a subject I have been approaching in my life and business more and more lately as I have been guiding others in starting a side business or pursuing [...]

What to Do When You Hit a Plateau

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That Flat Place...I don’t know about you, but when I hit a plateau, I feel stuck! It’s that flat place you’ve reached after gaining ground, yet now there’s little change or progress. It feels like there’s nowhere to move and [...]