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Whether recovering from a pandemic or arriving at the halftime of your life, you realize that life is too short and too precious to waste one more minute doing what you think you're supposed to do rather than what you really want to do. Don't waste another minute!

With THE HERO INSIDE keynote, whether live or virtually, we help you develop the skills, confidence & plan to connect life and business successfully in your second half!

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What we do

Hi! I'm Deborah Johnson

...inspiring you and your company to call upon the strength inside you...the HERO INSIDE!

I built a business as a professional pianist and vocal entertainer and also taught musical skills from the private to the graduate levels. In all these endeavors I developed successful solutions and systems to either develop my business or develop students skills so they could build their own careers. Putting systems together has also helped me create dozens of albums, write four books, three full-length musicals and hundreds of songs, many up for GRAMMY Awards. The system works!

When the clock is ticking...

We know how it feels! We have the tools you need! From the technical to the personal to the professional!

You don't know where to start...

There is a fear of not being relevant and marketable in a tech-driven society.

You want more freedom...

Should you play it safe and just stay on the same path, even if you know in your heart there's more?


This is what we do...


I love to help companies, corporations and even individuals connect their personal and professional lives with the mindsets, self-assurance and skills imperative for a tech-driven society. Each presentation or program is a meta-learning experience as well as entertaining! Research, engaging media, music and actionable strategies bring measurable results! And did I tell you how much I love what I do?


Online Courses that are visually stimulating, fun, extremely applicable and give you takeaways you can apply immediately. It's easy to preview each course & gain immediate access with the ability to review as much as you want, whenever you want! Our music courses for Homeschoolers and Learn Music Again Membership are wonderful additions to our Professional development courses. (some have CE/PDC Unit guidelines for credit!)

Goal setting products

Supercharge your personal & professional life with products for lifelong learning & positive change. Multiple Books, Over 50 selections of Sheet music, downloads, online learning & live events when possible! See more here

live & virtual events

Deborah is available for both live and virtual events. They are Impactful, Inspiring, Entertaining and Transformational. Keynote Speaker

why we do it

We’ve been there...

I know what it feels like to be stuck. Coming from the gig economy (where your last job is your last job) I've had to reinvent my life & decided to take a huge risk to put my solo headliner music show on large stages. None of my friends were doing something like this, but I knew I could do it. It wasn't easy...then when the Great Recession of 2008-9 hit, many of my music shows were cancelled, but I noticed speakers were still working. I expanded my platform to include speaking & writing and absolutely love it. I teach you many of the lessons I have learned along the way as a lifetime entrepreneur & creator. You just have to do it and not be afraid of tech. Use it! 

We want to bring innovation & fun!

I know the freedom & fulfillment of pursuing a field you love with excellence, confidence, skill and consistency. Our programs are geared for the busy entrepreneur or professional dipping their toes into entrepreneurism who wants more out of life. We encourage you all the way with tools to help you succeed, grow and have fun while doing it!


What they say

Mary Lou Clark

Mary lou clark

Retreat Attendee

"I can fly!" shouted Mary, jumping from her seat. Your message was such a breakthrough for me!

lucy buchnan, phd

Workshop Attendee

Gave me practical tools and helpful perspectives to facilitate transition and adapting to change!

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One day you wake up on the stage of your life feeling like someone changed the script!

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