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Hero Mountain® Summit now available for small business teams & corporations! 

6 sessions with language for CE credits!

As people find themselves needing to reinvent themselves they feel stuck & consequently they need help. 

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Our Recommended Books

Stop Circling Book-Front Cover-Deborah Johnson

Stop Circling: Steps to Escape Endless Roundabouts

Stop Circling is a powerful read that will help you gain a new perspective on the vicious cycles that hold us back. Deborah Johnson presents a clear and actionable framework that will help us identify and break out of the endless roundabouts in our lives.

Ana Melikian, Ph.D., Host of The Mindset Zone Podcast, International Corporate Trainer & Coach

The Summit Book-Front

The Summit: Journey to Hero Mountain

Readers will enjoy the magical realism of traveling through the different lands. Especially relevant for today is the Land of Allure and the Social Media Circus, which serve to distract Mallery from her goal. Only after she gets stuck on a roundabout does she see the emptiness in what’s not real. Mallery has to regain her focus to stick with her larger purpose in getting to her Summit, which is atop Hero Mountain®. The principles she learns along the way not only contribute to her success, but are applicable for most any reader.

Women at Halftime Book

Women at Halftime: Principles for Producing Your Successful Second Half

One day you wake up on the stage of your life feeling like someone has changed the script. You are a successful career woman, a spouse, a mother, a friend, but most of all, an individual. You have come to the point in your life where you don't want to stall, but rather make your current self the best possible, and you're not alone! This book is about both reassessing, then re-strategizing your game plan for the second half of your life, climbing Hero Mountain®.

Bad Code Book

Bad Code: Overcoming Bad Mental Code that Sabotages Your Life

Just as threatening as identity theft or a website hack, there is bad mental code working to hack and sabotage your life. After identifying different types of code and attacks, Bad Code give you effective and powerful tools to change your mental code.

Personal Development-Stuck

Stuck is Not a Four-Letter Word: Seven Steps to Getting Un-Stuck

When feeling stuck, it's hard to keep your clear focus on the most important details of life, business or relationships. Fear, discouragement, depression, and even despair cloud your view. It's the emotion most experience when hearing the words, "It's cancer." Or when you are closing the books on a month's business knowing funds are short to pay next month's bills; or when the present contract you're working on is your last. It's a feeling of being overwhelmed and wrapped in a burrito blanket that cripples you and keeps you from moving forward. It makes you afraid to risk. Fear, more than anything else, can paralyze you and kill your dreams. This book dispels that fear and will help you move forward.

Personal Development-Music for Kids

Music for Kids: When to Start Piano Lessons

Parents and grandparents: do you want the benefit of music lessons for your child or grandchild? Many studies show how music improves self-discipline, thinking skills, spatial reasoning creative abilities and more. However, with the number of activities and distractions most kids and families face, how to you fit in a quality music education for a generation that is busy and media-possessed?

Music for Kids answers the “why” music education is so important, then the “how and when” to start a child in music lessons It also makes a strong case for piano of keyboard instruction and its many benefits.

Father's Favorite Hymns CD-Devotional

Walking With the Hymns Devotional Guide & My Father's Favorite Hymns CD

Walking With the Hymns Devotional book includes fourteen  devotions with biblical background, inspirational stories and personal application! 122 spiral-bound pages. 

CD includes thirteen beautiful contemporary arrangements of timeless favorites!

$20 & $4 shipping in U.S.

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Online learning meme-Deborah Johnson

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace, in your own space. Visually stimulating, quality courses for both personal & professional development. Some with CE/PDC Guidelines

Deborah Johnson Music Online Learning

Learn Piano Online & Learn Music Again!

How long have you "thought" about picking up the piano again? Now is the time! Wonderful step-by-step approach with a pro! Self-guided courses & membership available.

Deborah Johnson CDS

Albums, Song Downloads

CDs, & songs available for immediate download. For physical CDs order directly--we mail them out! Also song books

Sheet Music-Deborah Johnson

Sheet Music

Over 100 selections of sheet music and books by Deborah available for immediate download!