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Personal Development-Bad Code

This is owner’s manual for getting sharper with age, not slower. Glenn Miya, M.D. Host of Smart Health Talk radio

 This book is great for someone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts who is looking towards making a shift on how they currently view life. This is also a good book for students, counselors, social workers, pastors and other people in the helping profession as they help people reframe or restructure the lenses they use to view and interpret life.  Jaime E. Mendoza, Psy.D. Pastor and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Leadership

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Personal Development-Stuck

An engaging seven-step plan for tackling seemingly insurmountable problems. KIRKUS National Review

Your book was and will be a MAJOR PART of my recovery! (cancer) Amazingly motivating and very inspiring – I have check-marks on every page! Elizabeth Wood, Amazon Review

I loved the fact that after each chapter, there were simple review worksheets that you can use to practice some of the lessons learned. A very refreshing look at helping yourself get un-stuck in life! Dean Monoxelos, Amazon Review

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Personal Development-Music for Kids

Highly Recommended. Laura Sullivan, GRAMMY Winning Composer & Recording Artist

Deborah gives parents help in understanding what it takes to make their kids successful. Sandy Mackinga, Violin Instructor & Member M.T.N.A, Music Director

Music for Kids is a must-read for answering some of the questions asked, how, when and why. Gene Roberson, ROLAND Organ Artist, Composer, Instructor, Music Director

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Personal Development-Devotional

A beautiful devotional guide that takes you through each hymn with the writer’s background, interesting stories and illustrations, applicable scriptures and questions. There’s plenty of room to write your own responses and thoughts. Sheet music included for two new hymns.

Tell Me the Old Old Story • Amazing Grace • In the Garden • It is Well with My Soul • Were You There?  and more…

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Contact Deborah directly for individual or group coaching. She has a variety of options and suggests at least a 3 month commitment.

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