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Don't have the full day or weekend for a quality course that will help you learn and grow both personally & professionally? Our courses are visually stimulating, not boring, extremely applicable and give you takeaways that you can apply immediately!  It's easy to preview each course and gain immediate access with the ability to review as much as you want, whenever you want!  Start now! (note: some of our courses have CE/PDC Unit guidelines. Contact us for more information!)

Need to re-boot, pivot or change course? Thousands in our programs around the world are increasing momentum, getting unstuck and enjoying renewed success with Online Learning!

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    LEARN ONLINE anywhere in the world
    Online learning  is available and is able to be accessed in most every country around the world. 
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    LEARN ONLINE at your own pace
    You can go as fast or slow as you want a course, depending on your learning style and your time frame.
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    LEARN ONLINE any time, day or night
    Online learning courses are available 24/7 and are not limited to office hours!
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    Depending on the course, some courses will provide guidelines for CE/PDC Units. This is a huge benefit if you don't have the time or means to attend conferences or live events.

I know how much FUN it is when you experience success--even online! I started teaching piano at the ripe old age of "13" and have never quit! (It was actually much better than pulling weeds or babysitting the 5 kids next door!) I have taught EVERY level, including grad school-music and business- and have never lost the passion for what learning can do for people. Yes, I've had many awards, written 100's of songs and multiple albums, but the biggest reward? Seeing you achieve and have fun! There are many options out there, so of course I hope you choose ours, but my main advice is to at least START! If you put it off, you'll probably never start! 

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Multiple Online Courses that will will help you move ahead in life and business!

Recommended Courses

Deborah Johnson-2019

Professional Development

Deborah Johnson

Professional Development online courses help you analyze your skills & create a system, all while implementing your ideal work and lifestyle. Some of these courses include guidelines for CE/PDC Units .

Deborah Johnson Music

Music-Voice & Piano

Deborah Johnson

Whether you used to play piano & want to play again, learn your chords or pass music theory in college, we have courses for you! Check them out!

Deborah Johnson Online Learning Membership


Deborah Johnson

Music Membership is here -watch for when we open the cart! Meanwhile, go to our music page & get your FREE fun piano facts & Learning Piano Download!

Professional Development Courses

Change Your life Get Unstuck

Change Your Life: Get Unstuck

42-video course with downloadable study guides for each of the seven steps! $340 Lifetime Access. Make sure you get your FREE 6-pg. Course outline & schedule. You can download it now with no obligation-ever!

  • Increase Productivity 
  • Build Powerful Habits
  • Develop a strong, Sustainable Plan.
  • Define your Purpose!
Business You Own-Deborah Johnson

It's Here! 'A New Way of Doing Business'

You will walk away with a step-by-step approach that will serve as a guide to create a life & business that is doable, achievable & is aligned with your goals. This could be one of the best courses you'll take this year! $460 Lifetime Access

  • Most small businesses fail within 5 years as they don't have a viable plan and process in place. Don't let this happen to you!
  • Define what you love and what new opportunities are possible for YOU!
  • Videos, Downloadable PDFs & Downloadable audio. 
  • Includes "Automation Hub" with loads of information about tech tools!

Producing Halftime Success

This wonderful online summit Includes 14 seperate video interviews with dynamic women and the downloadable Playbook. $149 Lifetime Access

  • Interviews on a variety of subjects as sponsorship, nutrition, marketing, small business & much more! 
  • Downloadable playbook includes dynamic takeaways from each interview.
  • Each interview has it's own 20-30 min. video. 

Mobilize Your "Sweet Spot" for Purpose & Profit

Online Master class to identify skills, define mindsets and your dream job. You will use your Core Common Denominator®. $127 Lifetime Access. Full access available March 31, 2020

  • Discover the value of your skills. (hint: millions!)
  • Define what you love and what new opportunities are possible for YOU!
  • Videos and Downloadable guide

About Deborah Johnson, M.A.

Learn from an absolute pro!

I built a business as a professional pianist and vocal entertainer and also taught musical and business skills from the private to the graduate levels. In all these endeavors I developed successful solutions and systems to either develop my business or develop students skills so they could build their own careers. Putting systems together has also helped me create dozens of albums, write four books, three full-length musicals and hundreds of songs, many up for GRAMMY Awards. The system works!

Practical tools and helpful perspectives to facilitate transition and adapting to change. ” Lucy Buchan, PhD

What You'll Get

Access to all videos.

Dowloadable materials come with every course.

Step-by-step approach. You can go back to any of the steps at any time to review.

What People Are Saying...

Jenny Lynn Stewart

Very Inspirational...Helping me continue on my career path...

The course is very inspirational and is helping me to continue on my career path with a positive outlook. The presentation of the material is first rate with lots of beautiful visuals. The course is presented in short segments which is a wonderful approach. 

Jenny Lynn Stewart (International Touring Songstress)

woman icon-flaticon.com

Excellent Information... knowlegeable & fantastic!

Excellent information. The instructor is knowledgeable and fantastic!

JoAnne Mathis (Student)

woman icon-flaticon.com

Engaging videos...easy to understand...

What an excellent class! We are using it with our homeschool this year and my children enjoy Deborah's engaging videos. The content has been easy to understand and laid out in a way that makes them eager to work on each day. The manual provides a handy chart to check off their daily practice assignments which makes it makes it easy for me to keep track of where they are and reward them for progress made. I highly reccomend this class to anyone looking to get started with piano!

Stacy Yarnall (Homeschool Mom of 7)

Are our Courses Right For You?

We realize our courses aren't for everyone. There are different learning styles, cultures and needs. However, with most of our courses, you can at least preview the "style" before you buy! If you want to learn, we're here to help you!

Music Membership: Is this for you?

The cart is OPEN for our Music Membership!  You've been talking about starting again--I've heard you! You've even been complaining that you don't have the time or energy to get back to your piano but...NOW you do! If you are at the halftime of your life, there's no time like the present! Believe in yourself--I believe in you! Get the FREE download and get on our list to sign up for the #1 program for those who want to play again!! With our V.I.P. level, you will receive a new sheet music download & MP3 every month in your inbox! Don't miss your opportunity!

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Deborah Johnson Online Learning Membership

D.I.Y. Access to all Music Online Courses

You will have full access to all online music courses, incuding Keys to the Keyboard, Vocal Breathing Techniques & all Step-by-Step Piano song Courses. Some of these are at the Intermediate level, but several of them are also for beginners! This is a great option for those of you who are super motivated on your own!

This subscription is for 3 months, then you will be billed monthly.

First payment $147 is for 3 monthsthen $49 month.

Deborah Johnson

V.I.P. All Music Online Courses + Access to a private Facebook Group

*most popular option!

If you want accountability, community and a place to check in, this is the place! This option will be a great one for most! A new resource (song) is given monthly as well as mini online training & MP3. Plus, you'll be a part of an online community in a Private Facebook Group. You still get access to all online music courses & you can go as fast or slow as you want. This is a great option as you will get support, inspiration and create momentum!

This subscription is for 3 months, then you will be billed monthly.

First payment $297 is for 3 monthsthen $99 month.

Deborah Johnson Music

Exclusive: Online Private Instruction + V.I.P.

This is for very few select clients with private online training to accompany all features listed in the DIY & VIP levels(One-30 min. session/month) The accountability and progress you make with this exclusive offer will jet-propel your progress, guaranteed! By application only as Deborah will only take on a few exclusive clients.

This subscription is for 3 months, then you will be billed monthly.

First payment $447 is for 3 monthsthen $149 month.

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