THE online Master Class you need to Identify & Mobilize your Valuable Skills!

Mobilize Your "Sweet Spot" for Purpose & Profit: 
Using Your Core Common Denominator®
Master Class

Is this the way you feel?

  • "Nothing I'm doing now will transfer into a new career!"
  • "I can barely manage technology now. How will I survive in the future?"

You will discover how valuable your skills are (hint: millions!) in this Master Class! If you are wanting to transition from a day job to be your own boss; If you've started the process, are just thinking about it, or are fearful of attempting a change, this Master Class could be the perfect beginning or provide a huge boost to your current and future career! 

Find your sweet spot in this short online course! You’re worth it! If you're wondering if anything you're doing now will transfer into a new career OR you can barely manage technology now, you CAN survive in the future!  

NOTE: This Master Class will be fully accessible with pre-registration on Tuesday, March 31, 2000

You may be surprised--you have EVERYTHING IT TAKES! Your current skills are one of your most valuable assets!

Core Common Denominator-Deborah Johnson

46% of the population prefers to work independently. Do you fit in that growing group? We know you don't want to waste time or resources. However, are you putting this decision off and wasting some of your valuable skills? If you've ever put anything off before, you know how hard it is to circle back and take action!

Mobilize your "Sweet Spot" for Purpose & Profit will launch Tuesday March 31 At this time, you will have lifetime access to the video recording and all downloadable materials.

Feeling outdated, irrelevant, and too old to start something new?

What could you really do in today's economy and tech-saavy world?

Do you really have what it takes to do something else at this time of your life?

Frustrated with your job, boss, additional regulations, long hours, or commute?

This Master Class will not only affirm the value of your skills, but give you ideas for future opportunities. You will leave with a plan!

Mobilize You Sweet Spot-Deborah Johnson

Why You'll Love This Master Class:

01 ​Identify your Main Transferable, Marketable Skill(s)

What part of your learned or developed skills and experience is truly valuable? You will identify yours!

02 ​Define the Mindsets Necessary to Move Forward

You will need healthy  Self-Talk when things get tough and you are faced with negativity and fear! You'll leave with one tool to put in place immediately!

03 ​Calculate the Value of both your Techincal & Adaptive Skills

After defining both of these, do the math to see what your skills are worth in today's marketplace! You may be surprised! You will be applying all principles as you go along!

04 Define Your Dream Job and Schedule

Dream a little, then sketch out a feasible plan and timeline to get where you want to be.

What does it cost?

The cost is normally $269 for the Master Class & downloads. For you? $129!

Lifetime Access!

NOTE: This Master Class will be fully accessible with pre-registration on Tuesday, March 31, 2000

“As a young woman, I often feel I don't have the skills or opportunities to be an entrepreneur, but it was great to hear about what I can do to hone my skills to get there.”

Maggie Whitley, 2019

Includes 20-pg. Downloadable Guide & Timing Guide!

Mobilize your Sweet Spot Guide-Deborah Johnson
Mobilize Your sweet Spot Timer-Deborah Johnson

This Master Class will help you if...

1. You're at Halftime (age 40+) and you'd like to do something else during your second-half.

2. You've started a side-business but are at a plateau, wondering if you're on the right track.

3. You're just toying with the idea of doing something else and wonder if you have what it takes.

4. You're facing some fear and hesitancy on going it alone.

5. You're already in with both feet. However, you'd like to find out more about transferable skills and how they can help you move forward.

NOTE: This Master Class will be fully accessible with pre-registration on Tuesday, March 31, 2000

"Very helpful for me to get 'unstuck!'"

Cate Gremillion, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Don't Feel Ready?

We totally understand! But we also know how important it is to START! A healthy mindset is a very important part of this Master Class. If you get nothing else from it, the mindset section will be well-worth your investment!

What If I can't go throught the class in one sitting?

No worries! You will have lifetime access to the Master Class and can go at your own pace. However, we suggest you make time to go through it completely for the first time, then you can go back and review.

How do I access the Master Class ?

You will receive an email with a private link to access the full Master Class and all materials. You can go at your own pace and it is suggested you leave at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours to go through the entire course. We also suggest you print out the downloadable PDF Workbook guide before going through the course and have it, as well as your timesheet handy.

Can I get CE or PDC Units from this Master Class?

Skills Guidelines-Deborah Johnson

Yes! But you must go to your provider and submit the HRCI and SHRM guidelines for the course. There is no guarantee, of course, but the guidelines are in line with CE and PDC credit units. Download Course Guidlines here.

Register for Mobilize Your "Sweet Spot" for Purpose & Profit!

Online Master class to identify skills, define mindsets and your dream job. You will use your Core Common Denominator® to not only discover the value of your skills (hint: millions!) but define what you love and what new opportnities are possible! Includes watching a video, downloadable 20-pg. workbook-guide and timer sheet. Lifetime access.

NOTE: This Master Class will be fully accessible with pre-registration on Tuesday, March 31, 2000

Deborah Johnson

I want to see you succeed! My goal is not only to give you content, but confidence, backed by research and healthy mindset tools that are necessary to give you the best possible chance for unbelievable success and fulfillment!

When stepping out on your own, you are now creating your own "box" and schedule. It is easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed and even fearful as the reality of being a sole-proprieter sinks in. This Master Class will give you the basic foundational tools to start, or even continue on your journey. I've been in this space for a very long time and understand extremely well the challenges, yet the joy that comes from creating your own ideal work and schedule.

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