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Resources & ideas for those at mid-career or the halftime of life to maximize skills, resources and talent to pursue their goals and dreams to make their second half even better than their first.

Practical tools and principles for both business and life. A new episode comes out every Tuesday! We have one guest a month and both Greg & Deb are on together once a month--a treat!

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Mark Malbon

Mark Malbon

Retired "Big Four" Audit Partner and CFO

Deborah is equally adept at performing onstage or diving into technical IT details. A recent podcast with her talented husband Greg about cryptocurrency is another example of her wide-ranging skillset.



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"A Must Listen!" As a brand new listener, Deborah provides a fresh perspective on goal setting for any business owner!

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  • Roundabout Perspective – Benefits and Mindsets
    by Deborah on August 12, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    Benefits and Mindsets of a Different PerspectiveAre you feeling stuck? Like you’re no longer innovating? Your life and business are circling on a roundabout, expending your valuable energy and time but going nowhere? I have created a series on the three P’s of my Roundabout Hero program to help you get unstuck. The three P’s - The post Roundabout Perspective – Benefits and Mindsets appeared first on My Blog.

  • Roundabout Position – Your Desired Position
    by Deborah on July 29, 2022 at 8:46 pm

    Determining Your Desired Position & How to Get ThereThe next step in the process of making positive changes in your life is to determine where you want to be. What is your Point B? Using the HALFERS Model with its seven essential life aspects - Health, Attitude, Learning, Finances, Employment, Relationships, and Spirituality - you’ve already The post Roundabout Position – Your Desired Position appeared first on My Blog.

  • Women Like Us
    by Deborah on July 26, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    Women Like Us FoundationFor Linda Rendleman, Women Like Us had its beginnings not as a foundation, but as a life mission. That mission of empowering and coaching women expanded to a business membership organization, magazine, T.V. show, radio and ultimately, a foundation. However, her dreams were cut short with a cancer diagnosis, so she took The post Women Like Us appeared first on My Blog.

  • Roundabout Position – Your Current Position
    by Deborah on July 16, 2022 at 6:00 pm

    Determining Your Current PositionIn my last article about Position (Starting the Journey), I shared my thoughts on why it is important to know where we are today if we’re going to develop a life-changing plan and how to honestly assess our Point A by examining seven essential facets of our lives through a tool like The post Roundabout Position – Your Current Position appeared first on My Blog.

  • Does the Impact of Peer Pressure Ever End?
    by Deborah on July 14, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    Peer PressureI don’t think the impact of peer pressure ever ends! As Greg, my husband, and I spoke about the subject on the podcast, we defined what sparked this conversation. It was the expectations we all live with, both in life and in our businesses. We look at what others are creating, where they are The post Does the Impact of Peer Pressure Ever End? appeared first on My Blog.

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They met on a blind date, then married 4 1/2 months later. (They don't advise their kids to do this!) But they have survived many years of raising kids, balancing finances, reinvention and changing jobs and most recently, caring for aging parents.

 Deborah Johnson, M.A. 


International award-winning music artist, author and speaker. She loves to help others get unstuck with mindsets to reinvent their life and reach expansive goals. She can do all this while playing on a grand piano and singing!

 Greg Johnson, M. Div. 

 Guest Co-Host  1x month!

Former professional baseball player (Cleveland Indians-Triple-A), sales expert and registered financial advisor, Greg provides great insight and fun as a "Type B" to Deborah's "Type A" personality! Bonus: Yes, they've been married over 40 years so there's a lot to share!

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The Summit

Journey to Hero Mountain: Available Hardbound, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

To review a book like this one is a huge privilege BECAUSE it previews the multitude of readers who will be deeply challenged & inspired in their life journey to 'go big', to 'go beyond' to believe where others doubt and diminish their dreams.  -Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Past NSA National President, Past President International Federation of Professional Speakers.

Women at Halftime Book

Women at Halftime

Principles for Producing Your Successful Second Half: Available Hardbound, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Deborah has provided women approaching their second season with a real life conversation and roadmap to move from stuck to success. An excellent read for all women.- Joyce Odidison, Founder, President Interpersonal Wellness Institute

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Bad Code

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Stuck is Not a Four Letter Word

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A "must have" book to move forward with your career and life at any stage! Deborah has a fresh way of putting a new spin on important concepts for your life and career with good application steps. Helpful bedside table book to review sections as you need them. -Peggy Duguesnel Malbon, International Recording Artist

Music for Kids Deborah Johnson

Music for Kids

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Music Education is an important and worthwhile endeavor for any family, but most people don't know where or how to begin. I heartily endorse this book, which is the only one I've ever seen that succinctly and directly addresses many of the questions and concerns I frequently hear from parents who are interested in starting their children in their musical journey. -Laura Sullivan, Grammy Award® Winning Composer & Recording Artist