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Six Week Online Summit

Six cables of success: Climb your Hero Mountain™

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If you've ever shopped at Nordstroms, you know you can return anything, no questions asked! With this Online Summit, if you don't gain value and move ahead with your life and career, we will refund your money-no questions asked!  That's how good we believe it is!

Principles for Producing your successful second half 

Scheduled as a six week online course, you will leave with your successful plan and blueprint to reach the summit of your Hero Mountain.™Create your successful second half! All download materials for each session included. Online sessions are live and will be recorded for later access for registrants. Since this is an ONLINE Summit with Hero Mountain™ material, men can apply to attend.

6 Monday Nights-one hour each: June 4, 11, 18, 25, July 2, 9. 5:30 P.M. PT. $499 total

  • Accountability for Individual Application-you will have an individual project to complete each week.
  • Professional Input from an Experienced Coach.
  • Workable Plan for your Successful Second Half.
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    Investment and Inspiration for your life by an experienced coach and mentor. Priceless in value.
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    The Hero Mountain™ weekend material all formatted in six weekly online sessions. If not able to attend, all sessions will be recorded for your individual access for 6 months. However, attendance is optimal!
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Develop confident self-leadership and break out of unnecessary obstructions for optimal leadership and work-life balance. 


Advance the knowledge of "why" in Personal and Professional Business acumen, identifying the leveraging of technology and a viable business plan.

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Learn and apply effective types of communication, including listening skills, to those in closest circles. Identify and develop key talent and relationships. 


Measure and assess skills, both personal and for those in your close circle. Identify precise leadership competencies.

Part Five: SKILLS

Define skills of global leadership, connecting complementary areas of competency to advance in business and growth. Gain tools to evaluate training and growth.

Part Six: HABITS

Define necessary ambition with technical and adaptive approaches, all mission driven with measurable results

About Hero Mountain™

Hero Mountain™ is a program created by Deborah Johnson that incorporates six strong principles, or cables of success. She uses creative tools to help produce healthy mindsets, define mission and purpose and characterize relationships. Also to identify compentency, gather the tools to increase skills and implement healthy habits with both technical and adaptive change.

  • Create your personal identity map with your abilities, your attitudes and your dreams.
  • Define your heart-centered work, combined with your present work and life.
  • Identify the cables of success in your personal and professional life. Identify dangerous rockslides of destruction you are currently on or headed for. Cables include Mindsets, Habits, Relationships, Competency, Skills and Purpose.
  • Craft language that turns negative rockslides to positive cables of success and role-play scenarios to implement that language.
  • Construct your master life plan for the business, personal, spiritual and legacy parts of your life. Formulate your strategy for cables of success as you face the future decades of your life.
  • Strategize the use of technology in growing your business.

“If you never start, you'll never finish!” Deborah Johnson

About Deborah,
Producer, Artist, Author and Speaker

DEBORAH JOHNSON, M.A., international award-winning music artist, author and speaker, helps others get unstuck with mindsets to reinvent their life and reach expansive goals. Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy. Deborah is the author of Stuck is Not a Four Letter Word, Bad Code and the upcoming Women at Halftime: Principles for Producing Your Successful Second Half. She speaks and performs in both live and virtual events.

Need to see credits? See some below...

  • Created Multiple Online Instruction Programs, including a 42 video course on Getting Unstuck with downloadable study guide for each lesson. Over 500 enrolled.
  • Close to 75,000 views on YouTube Channel and has created hundreds of videos-edits with Final Cut Pro.
  • Created and maintains five current websites, regularly putting out blogs and new content. Has put out a weekly eArticle for over ten years with 25% open rate.
  • Has performed as a headline entertainer with DoubleGrandePianos.com and produced her own solo show, touring around the country. Also put out over 2 dozen albums.
  • Produced showcase rooms with up to ten artists per room for four years in regional Arts Conferences around the U.S. (Rented space, grand pianos, booked artists, M.C.'d and promoted)
  • Wrote and transcribed over 50 pieces of sheet music up for immediate download on SheetMusicPlus.com.  Uses Finale Software
  • Transcribed and Formatted Scores for two full length musicals for Samuel French Publishers.
  • Visual Performance & Community Arts top Excellence Award -Chaffey College, Rancho Cuc. CA
  • Lecturer of the Year Award  and Research, Scholarship & Creative Grant -Calif. State University, Pomona.
  • Top Student Educator Award, Calif. State University, Northridge.
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Kudos From the Peanut Gallery

Some of Deborah's Reviews


Deborah Johnson is a pro. Her ideas are fresh; her openness is genuine.  Peter Lesnik, Arts Presenter, Producer, Executive Director and Consultant

The depth of layers that Ms. Johnson was able to bring to each session was magnified by her high level of musical ability…an asset to any organization. Julie Varley, Retreat Coordinator, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church

Gave me a new perspective of how to move forward. Thank you! Judy Bolton, TOPS International Days Conference

Great! Very helpful ideas about core strengths and creating new habits! Barbara Midney, TOPS International Days Conference

BOOK REVIEWS (More reviews on Amazon)

STUCK: An engaging seven-step plan for tackling seemingly insurmountable problems. KIRKUS National Review

Your book was and will be a MAJOR PART of my recovery! (cancer) Amazingly motivating and very inspiring – I have check-marks on every page! Elizabeth Wood, Amazon Review

BAD CODE: At the intersection of art and science, Deborah Johnson illuminates how our mind can get stuck like a faulty computer, or how it can run smoothly like a high speed download.  This is owner’s manual for getting sharper with age, not slower. Glenn Miya, M.D. Host of Smart Health Talk radio

MUSIC for KIDS: Highly Recommended. Laura Sullivan, GRAMMY Winning Composer & Recording Artist


Better than Brightman! Not just great...Dynamite! Boynton Beach, Florida

As promised, the audiences main reaction was “WOW” as Deborah Johnson performed in concert…she played and/or sang over fifty recognizable musical pieces during her two hour concert.”  Ron Erickson, Ladysmith, Wisconson

...Most graceful singer/pianist I’ve ever witnessed… Your voice goes anywhere you direct it to go and your playing is accurate, clean and crisp. You also have wonderful dignity and humor.  I knew you were good, but you are so much more!”     Richard Allen Woody, original director for the FANTASTICS


Women at Halftime Book

Women at Halftime: Principles for Producing your Successful Second Half

Bad Code Book

Bad Code: Overcoming Bad Mental Code that Sabotages Your Life

Personal Development-Stuck

Stuck is Not a Four Letter Word: Seven Steps to Getting Unstuck

Interested in a complete Online Course?

Change Your Life: Get Unstuck

The complete 42 video course that will change your life and help you get unstuck!

This course will take you through every area of your life that will help you develop solid habits and mindsets.   A full SEVEN steps!

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