September 4

The Warrior Spirit Behind Speakerflow with Max Warren


The Warrior Spirit Behind Speakerflow with Max Warren

By Deborah Johnson

September 4, 2020

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A Warrior Spirit

A warrior spirit reveals itself in clarity of focus, determination, courage, persistence and an inner fortitude. In co-founding Speakerflow, a business that helps speakers grow their businesses, Max Warren demonstrates a warrior spirit will help most any entrepreneur. With many live meetings put on hold, their business is more relevant than ever as they commit to a proven process to make extraordinary things possible.

Here, we will look at 5 areas that apply to every entrepreneur and business. One: Commit to a process. Two: Create a digital backbone. Three: Develop a support community. Four: Stay Focused and Five: Develop resilience with a Warrior spirit.

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One: Commit to a Process

The phrase in flow is defined as moving along steadily. When growing up, my family went camping every year to the Rogue River in Oregon during Easter break. I had no idea there was a section of the river that contained difficult sections of rapids, popular with many rafters. The section where we camped was flowing steadily, but safe for our innertubes and blow-up rafts.

The river never stopped. It kept going, even on years where the water was at a lower elevation. A good process will keep your business in flow, moving along steadily. This was one of the principles Max shared. (See: Saying Yes)

Two: Create a Digital Backbone

Creating a digital backbone has never been more important in working remotely. With the ability to automate and schedule parts of life and business, you can be freed up to work anywhere. It will also guarantee that parts of your business can run without you.

For speakers, when COVID-19 hit, live events suddenly stopped. The effect was even more amplified than in 2008-9 during the great recession when many events were cancelled. Immediately the challenge arose to create events virtually. Some pricing models changed and many faced the challenges of adding tech. It confirmed the importance of online content and flexibility. (See: A New Way of Doing Business)

Three: Develop a Support Community

Users of Zoom, the online platform, jumped from 10 million daily users to 200 million daily users. People and businesses needed the connection and support of teams and colleagues. Family members needed to see each other and check up on those who had little outside support. Other virtual platforms also spiked with their usage.

Even though virtual tools have grown in effectiveness and impact, people realize that it is no substitute for face-to-face contact. However, the tools are rapidly growing in their way to help us connect with each other. Speakerflow has implemented many of those tools for their clients and is training others to apply them to their businesses. However, a simple personal email is still very effective.

Four: Stay Focused

Keeping true to what is most important to you is the key to staying focused. There are certain things you can’t control, so focus on what is possible and what you can control. With that positive focus comes hope.

Just like in finding a life partner, it helps to find out who you want to take your business journey with. That person or company should help you move forward with encouragement. If they are a coach, the journey is not always easy, but if pushed in the right direction, you’ll make progress. (see: Deep Work)

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Five: Develop Resilience with a Warrior Spirit

Warrior spirit is a term that comes from the martial arts when speaking with Max Warren as he and his son are involved. In martial arts, very part of the body is used, from the breath, the posture, the feet and mostly a mental focus. Going back to our definition of warrior spirit, we see that attitude of focus, determination, courage, persistence and inner fortitude he and his team strive for at Speakerflow.

No matter what business you are in, engaging a warrior spirit to harness energy, strength and resilience will help you persevere with success and victory, particularly in challenging times. Life is not a competition, but it is a type of marathon where you meet challenges along the way with tools that will help you survive and keep going. (see: Healthy Mindsets)

If you are interested in growing and learning, check out our online courses here: Online Learning

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