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Self Assessment Quiz

1.  What type of help do you need?

  • a) I need support for my business. It's taking over my l ife!
  • b) I'd like to move closer to working less and traveling more with a job I love.
  • c) Not sure--I just need something!

2.  Is it too late to start something new even if I'm in my 50's or 60's?

3.  What could be a game-changer for my life and business at this stage?

  • a) A structure and system that would help automate many of the small tasks.
  • b) The ability to hire a very competent virtual assistant to help lighten my load.
  • c) A huge influx of cash to help me re-start.

Reveal the Answers

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Ideas on How to Write an Essay
Ideas on How to Write an Essay

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