December 22

From Junkie’s Daughter to Unstoppable Women with Stephanie Dauble

From Junkie’s Daughter to Unstoppable Women with Stephanie Dauble

By Deborah Johnson

December 22, 2023

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To be an unstoppable woman is to live with an unwavering determination to overcome challenges and obstacles and it’s what characterizes Stephanie Dauble’s life. As a junkie’s daughter, she’s had to possess immense resilience, refusing to be deterred by setbacks or failures. It has been far from easy and only recently has she been able to share her story. It’s been easy for shame and embarrassment to take over. However, individuals who are unstoppable demonstrate relentless perseverance, continually pushing forward toward their goals, regardless of adversities. They exhibit a high level of tenacity and grit, maintaining an unshakable focus on their objectives, adapting to circumstances, and learning from their experiences.

For years, Dauble attempted to downplay or create distance from the truth of being a junkie's daughter, utilizing various methods to separate herself from that reality. She actually never planned on telling her story. She pondered the potential life paths that could steer her away from her background. Could she ascend to an executive position in a major company? Could she dedicate herself to crafting beautiful things, departing from the specter of addiction and its accompanying challenges?

Talking about our challenges and working through them is part of the healing process and part of a growth mindset. It is the mindset that Dauble adapted to move forward with her life. This article discusses three survival techniques applicable to anyone seeking to navigate life's changes and circumstances: Honesty and Generosity, Purpose and Meaning and Investment in Yourself.

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Honesty and Generosity

Having a growth mindset involves embracing life's changes and challenges with honesty and generosity. Honesty plays a pivotal role as it encourages individuals to assess situations realistically, acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses. By honestly appraising our circumstances, we can identify areas that need improvement or adaptation. This mindset allows for a more open and flexible approach to learning, as it is grounded in self-awareness and a commitment to constant improvement.

Generosity, when combined with a growth mindset, involves sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources. This not only helps others but also contributes to our own personal growth. Being generous with one's skills, insights, and support fosters a collaborative environment, providing opportunities for learning and development. In fact, sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to increase self-learning! Generosity encourages empathy and understanding, leading to a richer, more diverse perspective on life's changes and challenges. Ultimately, a growth mindset reinforced by honesty and generosity nurtures resilience, enabling individuals to navigate difficulties with adaptability, learning, and compassion.

Purpose and Meaning

Having a clear sense of purpose infuses daily actions with direction and intentionality. It motivates us to overcome obstacles by emphasizing the "why" behind our efforts. This is one of the reasons why I feel journaling is so valuable. The clarity obtained helps to reframe setbacks as learning opportunities, as every challenge becomes a stepping stone toward fulfilling one's purpose. Moreover, a sense of purpose fosters resilience, enabling individuals to stay focused and committed during tough times. The first step in creating a strong purpose statement is identifying core values. (see Appendix on core values: Stop Circling)

Seeking meaning involves understanding the lessons inherent in difficult situations and using them to grow personally and professionally. It prompts reflection on values, goals, and aspirations, allowing us to align our actions with our beliefs. This is another area where journaling is so valuable. Embracing change with a meaning-oriented perspective helps in adapting to new circumstances by emphasizing the positive outcomes or lessons that can be extracted from those experiences. Ultimately, a growth mindset driven by purpose and meaning transforms challenges into opportunities for personal development and contributes to a more fulfilling life journey.

Investment in Yourself

Viewing ourselves as a valuable asset worth cultivating fosters resilience and adaptability when faced with adversities. This perspective encourages continuous learning, enabling us to acquire new skills, expand knowledge, and develop a versatile toolkit to tackle unforeseen circumstances. (see courses here: Online Courses) By dedicating time and effort to self-improvement, we can build a strong foundation that allows us to pivot and adapt in response to life's twists and turns.

Investing in ourselves also cultivates confidence and self-assurance, essential components for navigating challenges. When we prioritize our growth and development, we bolster our belief in the ability to overcome obstacles. This self-confidence acts as a pillar of support, encouraging proactive problem-solving and creative thinking during periods of change. Additionally, an investment in ourselves promotes a proactive approach to change, allowing us to embrace new opportunities and face challenges with a sense of preparedness and resourcefulness.

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Applying these principles in my life means fostering honesty in self-reflection, acknowledging my strengths and areas for growth. Practicing generosity by giving my time, support, and resources to others cultivates a sense of fulfillment and connection. Identifying purpose and meaning in my actions guides me through life's challenges, allowing me to stay focused and resilient. Most importantly, investing in myself by continuously learning, adapting, and nurturing my skills equips me to navigate changes with confidence and adaptability, fostering personal growth and resilience along the way. Here are three areas you can personally apply:

  • Take time for introspection, writing in your journal honestly acknowledging both strengths and areas for growth.
  • Practice giving back to others through volunteering, lending support, or sharing resources.
  • Identify your purpose and meaning in life, guiding your actions, spending time first on identifying your core values.

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- about Stephanie Dauble

Born and raised in Detroit, Stephanie Dauble is an International Best-Selling Author and a tenacious leader whose life experiences, natural wit, and zeal for life inspire her to process difficult times and trauma in uncommon ways. She is the author of a weekly blog titled Stephanie Dauble: Memoirs of a Junkie's Daughter. Stephanie is on a mission to share how navigating grief with grit and gratitude can lead to unexpected fulfillment, extraordinary beauty, and lasting change. Stephanie bravely confronts a lifetime overcoming her family's generational trauma— many who succumbed to addiction and suicide — and boldly declares her strength exists because she's a junkie's daughter, not despite it.

Having a clear sense of purpose infuses daily actions with direction and intentionality.

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