The Summit: Journey to Hero Mountain Maps & Illustrations 

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As an added bonus, we are including the maps in color for you to enjoy. They are in black & white in the physical book.

Journey to Hero Mountain Map

Land of Allure Map

Chapter Illustrations

These are the illustrations for each chapter of the book: The Summit: Journey to Hero Mountain

The Announcement-The Summit-Deborah Johnson


chapter one

Band of Hope-The Summit-Deborah Johnson

the arrangement

chapter two

Forest-The Summit-Deborah Johnson

the tangled forest

chapter three

Keys of Courage-The Summit-Deborah Johnson

the keys of courage

chapter four

Jewels-Gems-The Summit

THE Gems of opportunity

chapter five

Bridge of Opportunity-The Summit

the bridge of possibility

chapter six

Drawbridge-The Summit

the reluctant hero

chapter seven

Land of Allure-The Summit

the land of allure

chapter eight

The Roundabout-The Summit

THE roundabout

chapter nine

The Tent-The Summit

the dangers of distraction

chapter ten

The Butterfly-The Summit

the wings of hope

chapter eleven

The Rope-The Summit

the preparation for the climb

chapter twelve

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The Summit-3D-Deborah Johnson
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I'm  [Deborah Johnson]

Deborah Johnson has not only written multiple books and albums, but hundreds of songs, three full-length musicals and is the producer of a popular podcast, Women at Halftime. Her books include Stuck is Not a Four Letter Word, Bad Code: Overcoming Bad Mental Code that Sabotages Your Life, Music for Kids and Women at Halftime. Deborah grew up reading every fairy tale she could get her hands on and relishes the creative process. A prolific writer, she enjoys being outside and traveling with her husband. She also loves spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's built multiple self-driven businesses. Deborah speaks and performs for both live and virtual events.
Deborah Johnson-Speaker-2021

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The lessons taught through this easy to read story are invaluable for any walk of life. They are the essential steps to success for any undertaking.

This is the perfect gift for a young teen-ager, or anyone who needs a boost of confidence, or insight into how to stay on their path to success. Highly recommended.

Laura Sullivan

Perfect for anyone who has a big dream or goal ahead of them, but is noticing they have some doubt or fear around it! Very easy to read and tie into a deeper concept or going for your dreams!

Leisa Reid

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