What to Learn When Things Go Wrong

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When Things Go Wrong What to learn when things go wrong --lots! All of us have faced moments when things going wrong many times over. However, when things go wrong in our personal life, in our business and in relationships [...]

How Will Going Beyond a Technical Approach in Business Help Me?

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Technical Approach What does it really mean to go beyond a technical approach in business? I’m going to begin to answer that for you in this article! I love this subject because I get to delve into my nerdy side. [...]

Article Writing with a Newsletter- Is it Worth it?

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Article Writing As one who has been article writing with a monthly, then weekly newsletter for almost twenty years, I evaluate from time to time whether it is still worth doing so. Granted, I started out very simple. I listed [...]

The Mindset of a Grateful Heart

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Grateful HeartA grateful heart is an integral part of a healthy mindset. As I’ve been asked to speak on mindsets quite a bit lately, (one of my talks is entitled Master Your Mental Code (or Mindset), the subject of thankfulness [...]