Two Most Important Speeches I ever Gave: Eulogy

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Eulogy for Both my ParentsThe two most important speeches I ever gave was the eulogy for both my parents. Before you quit reading this as you think it will be depressing, stay with me. In my background as a professional [...]

What Does it Mean to Enlarge my Territory or Expand my Borders?

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A Far-Off Dream? What do you think of when you hear the words enlarge my territory or expand my borders? Enlarge my territory used to be a far-off dream for many, not thinking it was really possible as even traveling [...]

New Year, New Goals: Where will You Be Next Year?

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Closing out a Year As we close out this year, do you have any idea where you’ll be next year? A train that is chugging uphill not making any progress at all, even slipping back down the hill, quickly becomes [...]

The Good and Bad of Competition

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Competition...A Part of Life Competition is a part of our life, both personally and professionally, but sometimes it gets a bad rap. Personally we tend to compete with ourselves or base our present performance on past results. Professionally, there are [...]

The Value of a Good Guide-Priceless!

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What is the True Value? The value of a good guide is actually a subject I have been approaching in my life and business more and more lately as I have been guiding others in starting a side business or [...]

What to Do When You Hit a Plateau

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That Flat Place... I don’t know about you, but when I hit a plateau, I feel stuck! It’s that flat place you’ve reached after gaining ground, yet now there’s little change or progress. It feels like there’s nowhere to move [...]

How Do You Know You’re at Halftime?

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Women at Halftime I work with a lot of women, and specifically women at halftime. When I tell others of this, I often see their eyes light up. They then ask the question, When does halftime begin? as they wonder [...]

Is Your Mind Experiencing a Hostile Takeover?

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Major Hack Recently, one of the main membership plugins on my website was down and I immediately thought, Is my website experiencing a hostile takeover? Yes, I know this sounds a bit melodramatic, but as my website has gone through [...]