Mobilize Your Sweet Spot for Purpose & Profit!
Using your Core Common Denominator®

This is THE online Master Class you need to Identify & Mobilize your Valuable Skills!

These are the materials with this Master Class

  • Video on this page. 30:23
  • Downloadable 20-page Guide: 20-PAGE GUIDE
  • Downloadable Timer Sheet: TIMER SHEET
  • 10-min. timer ON this page for your convenience!

You can be 100% successful!
Remember...if you never start, you'll never finish!

To be successful, I suggest you allow a 2-3 hour time block. This will be enough to go through the entire Master Class. Use whatever timer you wish, but the timer on this page will help you stay focused when you pause the video! After completing this Master Class, go back and review some of the sections to expand on them! For CE & PDC Credit Units, you must go to your provider and submit for those units, but you can download guidelines here.

Skills Guidelines-Deborah Johnson
Mobilize your Sweet Spot Guide-Deborah Johnson
Mobilize Your sweet Spot Timer-Deborah Johnson

After completing this Master Class, send us an email here with your full name to receive your personalized Certificate of Completion! Please allow 3-5 days and if you don't hear from us, please email us again!

Sweet Spot Master Class Certificate

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