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Do you need more help? It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, starting a new company, rebuilding your business after a pandemic or even working on a companion business. Your time is your most valuable resource. Many end up spinning their wheels for 6 months, a year, or even longer. The value of a guide or partner can prove to pay off not only in income, but energy, momentum and personal freedom. My biggest strength is helping you establish your uniqueness to stand out in a crowded and desperate marketplace, along with creative ways to create multiple streams of income.


TIME is your most valuable resource

Need Help? Climber, Traverser, Summit programs that will help you move forward step-by-step.

Just like compound interest builds with smart investment, your investment in your career and desired lifestyle will pay off. Whether done with you or done for you, we’ve got options for the help you need. Set up a free discovery call or sign up for one of the options today.

Deborah Johnson One Sheet 2019

TIME is your most precious resource! By starting now, you could make 60K-100K as soon as next year!  Please see the programs below and download the Free PDF that will help you build a network of perpetual customers!  It is suggested  that these programs supplement live events like HERO MOUNTAIN®. We start with finding your "sweet spot" of strengths & viable business proposition. Self leadership, then team leadership are emphasized for corporations. Below are some of the tech aspects that can be covered in a program or individually.

  • Basics of WordPress websites: hosting, theme, design & messaging, plugins that apply to most every type of business.
  • Creative Ideas for establishing your expertise & uniqueness in your field as well as creating multiple streams of income.
  • Basics of Creating Online Courses: outlining your course, creating your course, different platforms and benefits of each.
  • Basics of Membership Programs: SaaS platforms, set-up, content.
  • Technical aspects of launching a podcast, recording an audio book and/or creating a vibrant YouTube channel.

Want some 1-on-1 with a Pro?

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Deborah's fees start at $200hr. Monthly programs listed below

Deborah Johnson is a pro. Her ideas are fresh; her openness is genuine; and her follow-through is unmatched.

Peter Lesnik

Peter Lesnik, Presenter, Producer, Executive Director and Consultant

Peter Lesnik

“As a young woman, I often feel I don't have the skills or opportunities to be an entrepreneur, but it was great to hear about what I can do to hone my skills to get there.”

Maggie Whitley

Conference Attendee, H.R. 2019

Maggie Whitley-2019

Deborah Johnson, M.A.

International award-winning music artist, author, speaker, National Media Commentator & creator of Hero Mountain®, Deborah helps others get unstuck with mindsets & tools to reinvent their life & reach expansive goals. Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to contstantly reinvent yourself in a gig economy. Her songs are licensed world-wide and she's also a speaker and author of 4 books. She has created & maintained multiple websites and online courses.

Done With You (we prefer this!) and Done For You options. Monthly Payment Plans Available.

note: Deborah only takes on a limited number of individual clients. All options listed below are also available cutomized for teams & corporations.

Climber Program-3 mo.

Climber Program: Strategy, Purpose, Competency, Skills. 

  • 1:1 monthly 45 min. ZOOM sessions.
  • Develop your clear vision w/a strategy based on your competency, skills & desired lifestyle.
  • Purge areas that are holding you back. Develop "self leadership."
  • Weekly customized homework with customized technical help.
  • Update your financial strategy.
Climber-3 mo. Deborah Johnson

Starts at $4,500

Traverser Program-6 mo.

Traverser Program: Build on strategy, Competency & Skills. Structured Business Plan for 1-3 years.

  • 1:1 monthly 45 min. ZOOM sessions.
  • Includes all items in 3 mo. program
  • Create your unique branding statement, one-sheet & basic marketing materials.
  • Weekly customized homework with technical guidance for website & outine of online program.
  • Create measurable goals, including financial goals for 1-3 year.
Traverser 6 mo. Deborah Johnson

Starts at $9,500

Summit Program-9 mo.

Summit Program: Build on structured plan, expand residual income, marketing, financial freedom & legacy planning. 

  • 1:1 monthly 45 min. ZOOM sessions.
  • Includes all items in 6 mo. program
  • Create your unique branding statement, one-sheet & basic marketing materials.
  • Weekly homework with technical guidance for website & creation of online program.
  • Create measurable goals, including financial goals for 1-3 year.
Summit-9 mo. Deborah Johnson

Starts at $14,500

Done For You: For the very few!

Done For You: This is available for select clients after Deborah's assessment and evaluation. This done-for you option includes partnering with you to build upon a present business or start a companion business. It is very personalized and intensive. Only a few clients are taken on after an assessment and interview as it includes the feature of a project manager and is very customized. There is a three-month minimum so if interested in this option, set up a discovery call now.

Monthly retainer starts at $5,000 with a three-month minimum. Every contract is unique according to client emphasis and needs.

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To be successful, you need to start! Even if you're still working a "day job," even 10-15 minutes a day will keep you moving forward toward your goal! Many of those dipping their toes into entrepreneuralism get anxious and give up way too soon. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can learn, grow and enjoy the process. Read and journal often and live your life with no regrets!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am reinventing my business?

The very best thing you can do if reinventing your life or business is to get quality help. It will pay off in droves!

I'm technically challenged. Why do I need to understand tech? 

You should understand enough to hire out your tech. What you hire, you need to manage!

Am I too old to start a new venture?

You are really never too old! With medical advances, many have at least 2, if not 3 careers. Go for it!

Do you have payment programs?

We can work something out. We understand many entrepreneurs are already taking risks. However, we require you pay in advance or on the day of service. 

How fast can I be up and running? 

This depends on you, your viable selling proposition and a little bit of providence. There are no guarantees, but we can increase your chances!

How much money do I need to get started?

You should have some you can risk. But that doesn't need to be a huge amount. There are many "bootstrap successes" and you can be one of them!

Deborah Johnson-2019

"Remember, you are never too old or such a beginner to get help. Take your time and enjoy the process. There are very few 'overnight successes.' Consistency, along with the expert guidance you will get will help you move ahead with accountability, expertise and tremendous support."

 Deborah Johnson, M.A.

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