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Remember, in order for change and progress to occur, you must take action! Take the time to note very small steps you can take! Even very small steps eventually become leaps! I'm rooting for you! Deborah Johnson

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Jenny Lynn Stewart

The course is very inspirational and is helping me to continue on my career path with a positive outlook. The presentation of the material is first rate with lots of beautiful visuals. The course is presented in short segments which is a wonderful approach for completing the course. 

  • Define Where You Are
  • Reassess Your Assets
  • Steps to Reinvention
  • Eliminate What's Holding You Back
  • Develop a Major League Mindset
  • Gain Smart Business Advice
  • Ask What You Can Give

Hero Mountain Summit-Contact

Hero Mountain Summit offered 2x year. Partnership program also for corporations. Language for CE credits.

  • You have goals but you feel like you're spinning, going nowhere.
  • You've arrived at a plateau and need help moving to the next level. (also good for corporations!)
  • You feel like time is passing you by! 
  • You don't want to leave this earth without pursuing your dreams.  

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