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In this brief course, I’m going to first cover some of the main historical events that happened around the time of the Russian Revolution under Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. There were some tragic events that happened during that time, especially to the royal family. This is history that can’t be changed or erased. Opposition, misplaced trust and the lack of leadership were all factors. For us, understanding some of this history is important especially as we look at performing a musical based on the time and events of the Russian revolution. Understanding some of the lineage and world events at that time affects our interpretation of dramatic characters, even if fictional. So it’s helpful to have a perspective of not only what is happening in Russia at the time, but also in other parts of the world to understand the timeline more clearly and feel what the characters may have been feeling.  

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Nicholas & Alexandra

A History

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Video #2

Nicholas II, Alexandra, Marriage Arrangement

Video #3

Marriage, Coronation, Rejection, Children, Rasputin

Video #4

World War I, Duma, The Revolution

Video #5

House Arrest, 75 Guards, End of Tsar & Tsarina

Tsarina the Musical

"Les Mis meets Dr. Zhivago"

The story of the last Russian Monarch sets the stage for this magnificent epic musical.
The love of Nicolas and Alexandra endures in the face of political intrigue,
jealousy, greed, and revolution.

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