Over 40? You're twice as likely to start a successful company as those who are 25!

What if I told you the longer you've been around,


If you secretly wonder, "How Do I Start and Sustain a Business in today's tech-savvy world without getting overwhelmed or discouraged?", this page is for you!

Maybe you've 

thought about that often lately, 

but worry about one of the following:

Am I TOO OLD to have a successful new career?

Do I have ENOUGH TIME to dedicate to this in my busy life?

Is NOW THE BEST TIME for me to start a new business in this economy?

What if I don't have the TECHNICAL SKILLS needed to compete in the new digital age?

And the biggest fear of all . . .

What if I have TOO MUCH TO LOSE financially to RISK starting a new venture?

If so, let me assure you, almost every new business owner has had these same doubts and fears, 

regardless of their age and even experience. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with the right help.

You have  experience, strategy and good old-fashioned know-how to bring to the table. Even if you are just starting out, your life experience puts you miles ahead of the younger competition. You can create a business around what you really want to share with the world and what you have spent a lifetime learning about. 

Eliminate the frustration, guesswork, and stress that can often come with starting a new business on your own.

This applies to those starting from scratch, expanding a current idea, or starting a side business.

Lynda Weinman almost lost everything after 9/11 but sold lynda.com for $2billion.

Bobbi Brown got D's in math but built a billion-dollar cosmetic brand.

And Thomas Edison failed multiple times but started General Electric at age 45!

I know this can seem impossible, overwhelming, or even, downright terrifying as the world has changed with now a new normal. But I am here to tell you —  I did it and you can do it too. Starting with the small baby steps I will teach you that aren't overwhelming, you will build your confidence gradually. Prevent the normal doubts and fears from engulfing your dream. 

This way your later years become the most successful and enjoyable time of your life, instead of a long slog to retirement!

If you want to start a not-for-profit, a side business or build upon your current work, I can help you.

Maybe you are stressed out at your current job with no end in sight.

Worn out at home and looking for inspiration outside of your family obligations.

Dreaming about turning your passion into your career.

I will show you how to create something out of nothing that is sustainable and very little to no risk to you financially. Get help clarifying the best business to start at 40 and beyond, without losing your life savings! Expand on every small step I will walk you personally through in this course that will help you create a new way of doing your business.

Becoming an Entrepreneur in your 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s is not only possible, 

it’s actually the perfect time.  

I created this course specifically to answer the questions I've been asked time & time again.

Hi I'm Deborah Johnson

your new business start-up coach, and biggest champion! By using methods I learned while building my own successful businesses in music, speaking and coaching, you can save your time, money and sanity. I teach you how to start a business  step-by-step later in life without the hassle, stress or headache. By sharing the mistakes I made and the tech tricks I have learned over the years, I prevent the overwhelm caused by constant trial and error. This causes many budding entrepreneurs to quit before they even get started, and I want to see you excel!

Let’s face it, by middle age, most of us have responsibilities — the mortgage, the car payments, your family — and most women/men at half-time are experts at juggling all of those responsibilities. The good news is — your Wonder Woman or Superman-like multitasking skills are precisely what makes you the perfect business owner!

I will help you get over all the normal insecurities to create a “Second Act” that puts your best skills and life experience to work FOR you. Whether your goal is more time with your family,  more fulfilling work, or a cushion for your retirement, I can teach you how to build it from the ground up. I get that because I did it myself, and I started out with the same fears, doubts and insecurities you are probably having. I just learned how to overcome them, with practice and a lot of “gut-work.” I learned my lessons and I want to share them with you, so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Deborah Johnson

How Did I Learn all This? 

I learned by doing! Years ago, I built my own small recording studio because I not only wanted to get more first-hand experience recording, but also do some of the production myself on many of my album projects. I have struggled through tech just like everyone else. But through those struggles, I found there was usually always a way to accomplish what I needed to learn if I didn’t quit.

I found help along the way and continued to learn, creating and editing my own websites, putting out sheet music (that sells world-wide!), creating and editing up to 400 videos, starting membership platforms, using virtual assistants, recording an audiobook and starting a successful podcast. I say all of this because I continue to learn as I go and still don’t quit.

But I also get help. I take courses, I study hard and I follow through on projects. Creating and completing projects is one of the things I do extremely well. Now I want to help you complete your own projects and create a business you own that has the potential to not only provide income, but the joy and satisfaction of creating something worthwhile. And it’s yours if you don't quit.

You will walk away with not only great information and valuable tools, but the application of principles that will help you create change and even pivot your business. 

You will decide what to do and what not to do, but focus on the most important principles and basics of a business you own and doesn’t own you.


A New Way of Doing Buisness

A New Way of Doing Business-Deborah Johnson

Want to make a change but not sure how?

Maybe you’ve started to pursue your dream but you’re stuck in “overwhelm!” You’re not alone!

Staying in your comfortable spot sounds wonderful and much easier than moving toward fulfilling your dream. What if you fail? Can you survive one more failure in life?  
Business "as usual" could be the death of your business. Today's world has changed drastically!

You get these Three Main Sections in 

A New Way of Doing Business

You will walk away with not only great information and valuable tools, but the application of principles that will help you create change and even a pivot in your business.


You will decide what to do and what not to do, but also focus on the most important principles and basics of a business you own and doesn’t own you.

This is a course not merely based on "information" but "application" with focused time for making your great idea a sustainable reality.


Section 1: Create Your Ideal Lifestyle
Core Common Denominator-Deborah Johnson

You have the freedom to dream! But we will first approach MINDSETS and what MENTAL HACKS you are up against. What lies are you telling yourself that are holding you back? What are your CORE VALUES for your personal, professional and family life? You will define all of those and discover how they affect your personal, professional and family life!

4 Modules including Videos, Downloadable materials & MP3 including: Goals, Core Values: Personal, Professional, Family, Mindsets: Hacking Mental Hacking, Ransomware, Virus


Section 2: Create Your Ideal Business
Business You Own-Deborah Johnson

Most small businesses fail because of not spending enough time on defining a viable selling proposition and ideal customer. 80% fail after 5 years and we want to change that statistic! What EXACTLY are you selling and how will you sell it? You may have a great idea, but is it sustainable? Even if you have this "down" you will further refine your product in this section. We will also briefly cover budget and what it will take to not only start, but continue with a strong Purpose and Mission with a strong plan that will help you be sustainable in any economy.

Additionally, most don't spend enough time defining their ideal customer. Even if you know who this person is, you will dig a little deeper. Plus, you will receive additional tools to further define your customer, where they hang out, what they like and how to reach them. The research tools you receive will help you continue this process long after the course.

4 Modules including Videos, Downloadable guide & MP3s: 

Mission-Purpose-Vision, Uniqueness, Competency Bank, Core Common Denominator, Selling Proposition, Search Tools, Ideal Customer, Budget


Section 3: Create Your Automation Hub
Automation Hub-Deborah Johnson

This is the "secret" to having your business run automatically, but it can be tricky and overwhelming! Many want to start here because it's such fun--especially when technology works! It also "feels" like there's progress when you can check tasks off a list. This area is very important because some of what is implemented in your automation hub will KEEP your business going without day-to-day focus from you. Areas such as Newsletters, Videos, Social Media Posts, Podcasts, Memberships, Courses, Webinars... We will briefly cover each and you will receive a PDF guide on each area with ideas to pursue further after the course. You will leave defining 1-2 areas that will apply directly to you with a timeline on what to add first. You'll also decide what NOT to do, at least right away. The automation hub is a huge value in this course as it will give you a clear understanding of how the tools can work synchonistically together. You will then create your own ideal automation hub. 

5 Modules including videos, downloadable guide, MP3s & extra resources including: Automation Hub including Password Management, Website, Memes, Social Media Scheduler, Social Media Template, Project Management, Virtual Assistant, Storage, Online Courses, Membership, Video Bank, Webinars, Newsletters-Blog, Podcasts, Audio Books

Maybe you should just wait, but you’re afraid if you do, you’ll never start. And can you really swing it financially? Life is only getting more expensive as you get older.

As fast as technology is moving, you feel like you’re being left behind. There’s no way you can keep up so why try? 

Most small businesses fail. How will yours be any different? Do you really have what it takes to make a go of fulfilling your dream?

Life as an entrepreneur sounds SO busy. You have friends who are working ALL the time that say “I’m living the dream!”  But that sounds like SO much work!

You want to own your business...not the other way around! Now you can!

Create a life & business YOU own and doesn't own you. You will leave with the practical tools and a plan that includes your own automation hub!

Automation Hub Graphic-Deborah Johnson

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Lifetime Access to the Online Course

You will be able to access all parts of this course, including videos, PDF Downloads and applications over and over again on your timetable and in your space!

Bonus content

We added extra downloadable MP3s for all the videos since we know you lead a full and busy life! If you want to review any of the material on the run, we've got you!

All PDF Downloads and Guide

These PDFs will provide additional material and resources for each of the areas that are covered, especially the Automation Hub.

An Extensive Resource/Research List

This resource/research list will give you current places you can further research your Ideal customer, your product and automation tools.


Even though there's so much value in the course alone, we've added a few extras like downloadable MP3's and extra PDF downloads! Why? Because we love you and want to help you achieve your desired lifestyle and business at the halftime of your life!

We take this process step-by-step. Even if you already are moving in the right direction, we know how easy it is to get "swept away," especially on technology!  Going over the basics consistently is just like reviewing your scales and arpeggios on the piano. It's a must for good technique!


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Create a Life & Business You Own...and doesn't own you!
A New Way of Doing Business-Deborah Johnson

Two hour live online course, all recorded for further viewing and review. Saves you TIME & MONEY!

All Downloadable PDFs, including additional resource list and research tools. You will leave not only taking a step forward to achieving your goal, but will define what NOT to do, which is extremely valuable! 


Bonus 1
Halftime Success Summit

Online Interviews with 14 amazing women on sponsorship, creative writing, branding, nutrition, surviving (from a Survivor finalist!) and more!

Producing Halftime Success

You also get a downloadable booklet with a page for each interview with the top takeaways! 


Bonus 2
30 Minute Coaching Call

This is a one-on-one ZOOM call with Deborah to review your plan. No matter where you are in your journey, this will help you! 

Deborah Johnson-2019

You will receive the greatest value from this bonus if you have your plan sketched out, but even if all you have is an outline, this call will be extremely helpful to help you move you ahead in your journey! Deborah doesn't do much "private coaching" so take advantage of this great bonus!


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Worth over $700 with Bonuses!



  • Includes full online course + Bonuses!  
  • You will have lifetime access to all videos, downloads and MP3s
  • Step-by-step approach that not only will help you build a solid foundation that is sustainable, but intentionally add the tools that will work best for your lifestyle & business

Here are just a couple responses to our programs... 

We have many more testimonials but here are just a few!

Mary Lou Clark

Retreat Attendee

...your message was such a breakthrough!

"I can fly!" shouted Mary, jumping from her seat. Your message was such a breakthrough for me!

Cate Gremillion

Conference Attendee

...very helpful!...

Your workshop was very helpful for me to get unstuck!

Lucy Buchan, PhD

Workshop Attendee

...practical tools and helpful perspectives...

Gave me practical tools and helpful perspectives to facilitate transition and adapting to change! 

Why are you hesitating?

I have made some decisions in my life this year to “fast track” some areas of my business. I don’t feel I have another five, or even seven years to ramp up different areas of my life. And none of us knows how much time we have.

That was brought home with the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash at age 41. Even more tragic was the loss of his 13 year old daughter and some of her teammates. My heart goes out to their entire family.

We've also faced a world-wide pandemic. If your business looks the same today as it did even last month, you could be heading for trouble. Reinvention, restarting and regrouping are on everyone's minds. Many businesses are closing their doors and need to move on, somehow.

So what are you waiting for? My encouragement to you is to not waste a minute. If you even glean one small thing from this course that will help you, it will be worth your very valuable time. I am here as your guide, but I, as you, will always be learning and growing.

I hope you join me. This course will help you jump-start your ideas and give you resources to make common-sense decisions about your future!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 10-Days

Please Note: There is no obligation to purchase by signing up for my email list, webinars or wait list. If you do choose to buy, once the course becomes available, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first 10 days to see if it’s right for you. As long as you at least attempt to access the account, that is.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How in-depth will you go on the Automation Hub?

What's on the Resource/Research List?

What if I'm still stuck after this course?


Price: $460 $340

From me to you...

I want to see you succeed! My goal is not only to give you content, but confidence, backed by research and tools that are necessary to give you the best possible chance for unbelievable success and fulfillment! This is one of the few courses I offer where you will get direct access with me. So make sure you get your spot!