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Enjoy the Journey
At Least We're Moving! So many things in life can remind us how vital it is to enjoy the journey[...]
Father’s Day-Remembering Dad
Remembering DadThis is the first year I won’t be able to hug and kiss my father on Father’s Day. It[...]
How Do You Know You’re at Halftime?
Women at Halftime I work with a lot of women, and specifically women at halftime. When I tell others of[...]
Is Your Mind Experiencing a Hostile Takeover?
Major Hack Recently, one of the main membership plugins on my website was down and I immediately thought, Is my[...]
Making a Good Transition
Downsizing Do you wonder if it is really a good transition when your job description has changed? Maybe you heard[...]
A Letter to Mom-Mothers Day
This year, I thought I’d write a letter to my mom on Mothers Day. I’m not sure I will really[...]

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