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Monthly Tech Tip

Do you need a personal assistant like yesterday? Look for automated online tools that act as personal assistants. If you do the math and figure out the hourly rate, you will be pleasantly surprised at your out-of-pocket cost. Even better is if you are able to hire a live assistant who can use these tools for you. But you still have to manage them and most times, I find it quicker to do myself.  It's also important in my business for communication to come through in my voice. One automated tool I use is Buffer's Awesome Plan for a little over $100/year. Hootsuite also has a similar program and there are many others. Be aware that to schedule on Instagram, you have to have the app on your phone. Buffer will then remind you to post and link to your Instagram app as you can't schedule and post from a regular computer. Anything I can do to automate the basics of social media is important to me, as then I'm freed up to create!

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