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Monthly Tech Tip

When you post a YouTube video, are you putting the transcription in the notes section? If you aren't, you're missing out on keyword online searches! You can always pay to have someone transcribe your video for you, but there's also a very easy way to do this on your own. It takes a little longer, but not much! Go to your specific video editing page and click the top Subtitles/CC link. It will ask you the language, which is English. Then click the small square cc link on the bottom left of your video. At this point, if you scroll through your video, you'll see the subtitles. Now just click on the word English on the right of the video. You will then see the script on the left of the video, along with the times. This is where it's a bit more work. You need to cut-paste, but with a small amount of editing, you will have your complete script! You can always add in a few extra keywords to boost your online search.

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