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How a Malware Virus is Similar to a Physical Virus: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

How a Malware Virus is Similar to a Physical Virus: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

By Deborah Johnson

April 1, 2020

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Computer Malware Virus

Symptoms of a computer malware virus is very similar to a physical virus in many ways. Malware and physical virus symptoms are much like a mental virus. All viruses bring disruption and interruption. They also bring fear and panic.

Computer malware refers to software specifically designed to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. The malware latches on, serving as an attachment, which is the definition of a malware virus. Malware isn’t accessed by simply opening an email, but in downloading or clicking on an attachment. That attachment then starts duplicating automatically and continues attaching on everything that it touches.

Physical Virus

A physical virus is a microscopic parasite which can infect living organisms and cause disease. The physical virus, just as a computer virus, will penetrate a cell or a physical host as a cell, then start replicating. The important thing to remember about a physical virus, as well as a computer malware virus, is they first have to attach themselves to a host. They don’t just automatically appear and duplicate on their own.

The body fights a virus with its antibodies. The antibodies then bind to the virus to mark them as invaders so white blood cells can engulf and destroy them. If the white blood cell count is down or off in any way, this can greatly impact the body’s ability to fight back effectively. In most instances, the body has plenty of natural resources to regain balance after a period of time.

Mental Malware Virus

We are not so fortunate fighting off a mental malware virus unless we build our mental antibodies. For a healthy mindset, we need to distinguish our strengths, affirm them and recognize the dangers of malware. This takes thought, building our confidence and emphasizing its importance!

Here we will focus on five ways to protect yourself from a virus, whether a computer, physical or mental. To sum this up, I will focus more on the mental aspect as a mental malware virus can literally stop us in our tracks if we’re not aware of the symptoms and consequences.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself

Protection One: Be aware of how a malware virus attaches itself. We are constantly exposed to many different elements, but a virus has to attach to something. Physically, that’s a cell. Virtually, it’s an email or a download. Mentally, it’s a thought or mindset. We are most vulnerable when we let our guard down! Be proactive in identifying areas where you are most vulnerable. Virtually, those can be unprotected forms on a website or downloading a program from an unknown source. Physically, it can be not paying attention to a healthy lifestyle. Mentally, there are many vulnerabilities with changes in life events, relationships, job, economics and even a pandemic!

Protection Two: Be aware of how a virus duplicates itself. Once within a cell, a physical a virus can duplicate quickly. It will keep attaching and then replicating. The same thing can happen with a website. I had a direct experience with this when my music website was attacked by a virus. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover it soon enough and it infected hundreds of pages on my website. (DJWorksMusic)

Mentally, a virus is extremely dangerous once negative self-talk, an imposter syndrome or unhealthy fear enters our mindset. Those feelings of being stuck and lost with negativity can duplicate endlessly to where you feel you’re in a hole where you can never climb out.

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Protection Three: Understand how to Fight a Virus. With a physical virus, sometimes this is just waiting it out! But also developing our own protections is important, as previously mentioned. Physically, keeping our immune system strong with good healthy foods is very important. It’s amazing how much frozen pizza and fast foods stores sell. There are usually plenty of apples and fresh fruit available, which is telling! Exercise also keeps our bones and circulation strong.

Virtually, there are protections as putting Captcha on any form and never downloading any attachment from an unknown sending in an email. Also, it is smart to always go directly to the source website if there is any question. Mentally, identify and focus on your strengths and a positive can-do mindset. Be realistic, yet not negative about your own abilities and personality.

Protection Four: Commit to putting your protections in place. You must take action. Physically, whether this is a diet or exercise, find what works best for you. Create a plan and if it helps, hire a coach or join a program to help you achieve your goals.

Virtually, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of watching for early signs of a hack. If you are a small business owner, which includes most entrepreneurs, have a web team or person that will keep watch over your online material for any suspicious activity. There are also plugins that help with this. Mentally, this takes even more commitment. If you’re in a mental space where you are extremely vulnerable to negativity and depression, please get some help! Commit to working with a coach or a program that will help you move forward.

Protection Five: Protect Your Mindset from a negative viral attack. This has never been more important than right now in our current world culture. Be committed to a lifelong learning attitude, journal regularly, keep your purpose in the forefront of your mind, then create small, measurable goals with steps that are achievable. (Get FREE Goal Setting Worksheets) If there is negative language you consistently face, come up with a positive phrase to combat that negativity with a positive phrase you will repeat often. I speak a lot about mindset in the book Bad Code. It’s a worthwhile read with applications at the end of every section. Get it now-you have time!

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