March 13

La La Land Movie

La La Land Movie

By Deborah Johnson

March 13, 2017

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La La Land Movie

What did you feel about the movie La La Land? Maybe you felt, as many that  Ryan Gosling is no Fred Astaire and Emma Stone is no Ginger Rogers. But was the movie really about singing and dancing? Sure, the opening scene made it look like yet another movie musical. However, the movie wasn’t about the singing and dancing. It was about a story of an intense personal struggle.  

Bare Stage-You Have to Eat

Could you feel Mia’s disappointment when she walked out on stage to face a nearly empty theatre? If you’ve ever produced your own show or rented a theatre, you felt disenchanted and embarrassed too as you tentatively walked right out with her. And after she bared her soul, you cringed as she did when overhearing critical whispers behind her back. I’ve definitely been there and felt her pain. 

Could you empathize with Sebastian’s struggle, compromising his personal goals for earning a living? Feeling the pressure of getting a real good paying job? For anyone working as a musician, how many gigs have you taken that were less than desirable? The honest truth is, many. You have to eat and pay the bills. I’ve also been there and felt Sebastian’s struggle.

Universal Theme

The film authentically portrayed the universal theme of striving for those starting a business, for entrepreneurs, for anyone taking a risk to pursue a dream. La La Land used an actress and musician as the characters chasing their dream, then hitting the pit of defeat and angst.

Have you taken that risk that brings loneliness, self-doubt, frustration, anger and struggle? This is why a good support group, mentoring and coaching are so important. I have several different groups I meet with periodically; one that I’ve met with consistently for over ten years. These are trusted friendships and relationships to not only give valuable feedback, but buoy me up through those times of self-doubt, reinvention, struggle and times I just want to quit.

Help and Support

Mia accurately portrayed life as a woman actress. But the struggle she portrayed pursuing her dream should be an example to us all to get the help and support we need. Hopefully you are developing that support to sustain you emotionally in your own life!

It’s almost ironic that La La Land was a part of an Oscar goof. It just goes to show that in the land of entertainment, there are no sure guarantees. That about sums up life in general. So enjoy every minute, gather a few trusted colleagues and friends to buoy you up and make sure your fun meter never goes below a 5 out of 10!

Hit a Plateau?

This course was created for those who have expressed their desire to grow and not stay on a plateau. It is always helpful to follow a program like this with colleagues. Sharing your insights as well as struggles with trusted friends accelerates the learning process and makes it much more fun! Check out the Change Your Life: Get Unstuck  course. If you watch the short, engaging professional videos and do the work in the study guide, I guarantee that your life will change-for the better! Check it out FREE. It could be the best investment you’ve made for yourself in a long while!

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says: I’m possible! Audrey Hepburn

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