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Silva Katchiguian

Silva Katchiguian


A few hours after leaving her home in Lebanon, SILVA KATCHIGUIAN and her brother

were caught in the midst of a barrage of gunfire. Miraculously, the gunman knew her uncle,

a pediatrician, who saved his son’s life, thus sparing their lives. Silva eventually made her way

to Southern California and has continued to document and write amazing stories.

As current Past President of the Armenian International Women’s Association, 

she has helped many other women discover their own stories, encouraging them to be all they can be.

Besides her volunteer activities, Silva is a certified voice over artist for commercial and

narrative readings.

Silva's Key Takeaways

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    RESIST or TRUST. This is a life principle that is amplified for everyone in a different way.
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    Find some way to COMMUNICATE with those you care about-even in a letter!
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    The only way to SIMPLIFY is by making a CHOICE and saying, "This is what I need to do and want to do."
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    Decide HOW you want to LIVE--whether or not you want your home to own you.
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    Think of challenges as OPPORTUNITIES opposed to hinderances.
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    Women are empowered through EDUCATION and CONFIDENCE.
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    Discover what you've always LOVED TO DO--it may be revealed in different ways.
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    Halftime is not a meltdown, but a CRASH. You have to look in the mirror every day and realize what you've done, then rise above the negative self-talk.

Deborah's Comments

Silva's principle of TRUST may not be amplified for you at gunpoint, but in a unique way to you. 

Look in the mirror every day to realize what you've accomplished, then RISE ABOVE the negative self-talk!

Deborah Johnson, M.A. Founder Producing Halftime Success Summit

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