In the Garden

Sheet Music and Song Download. Perfect for Easter! Piano I & II with vocals.
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In the Garden p.1 sheet music

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Piano I and II, octave unison vocal chorus. Flowing ballad with piano as the focus. Simple ooh and ah vocals are added for color on a countermelody in this reflective arrangement.

Father's Favorite Hymns

Rich vocal harmonies, beautiful,upbeat piano arrangements and orchestrations make My Father’s Favorite Hymns a must-have on your listening rotation. This album is a great multi-generational gift and can be enjoyed by many faiths and denominations. Download the album or individual songs.

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Other Songs for Easter and other Special Occasions

Were You There p.1 sheet Music

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Vocal solo/duet plus SATB chorus, A Capella. This is a beautiful arrangement of a timeless traditional spiritual with rich harmonies. The chorus part can be performed with full choir or single voices. At the very end, it splits into six to eight parts, but can be modified for smaller groups.

Your Truth it Stands p.1 Sheet Music

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Piano and vocal. Contemporary new ballad based on the attributes of God’s truth, grace, power and guiding hand.

You are Faithful You are Lord sheet music

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Piano and vocal solo or unison chorus. Pop ballad style and three key changes for the four verses. Contemporary new ballad based on the attributes of Gods faithfulness, power in creation and power throughout our lives.

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