November 27

How to Develop a Victim Mentality

How to Develop a Victim Mentality

By Deborah Johnson

November 27, 2017

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Develop your Victim Mentality (Attitude) in six easy steps!

victim mentality has become more and more popular in today’s expanded social media platform. These six steps can help you!

Step ONE: Sweat the small stuff! What about the barista that didn’t ask you if you wanted your latté extra hot? Were thy judging you? Probably! Are people thinking about how tall or short you are? Or that you’ve put on a few extra pounds? What about your hair color, your skin color, your intelligence? They’re judging you! You’re a victim! (watch the 5 min. video below!)

Journaling and Your Top 10

Step TWO: Keep a journal. Get a nice thick journal and start writing every single little item down as you notice those who are judging you. Then expand on it to express all your feelings.

Step THREE (a little tougher)Narrow down that list to the top 10. You really can’t communicate more than that 10 things effectively. Your top 10 list may change now and then through the years.

Marketing, Posting and Practice

Step FOUR: Marketing! Elevator speeches are very popular and important; that 10-11 second phrase is a must. Take each one of your top 10 and create an elevator speech for each one. Also, make a hashtag for each one and start each phrase with I or My. In fact, take the word WE out of your vocabulary! It’s all about you!

Step FIVE: Post your list where you will see it, often. On your mirror, on your closet, on the inside of one of your favorite food cabinets. What about on your computer monitor? Don’t forget online!

Step SIX: Practice! Practicing will help you communicate your list. Perfect practice, or exact repetition, will bring recall in developing new habits. In fact, practice each one of your top 10 in front of a mirror. Look at your droopy shoulders, your eyes, even your eyebrows. Facial expressions are important because authenticity is very important in today’s society. You want to come across authentic and real. The only way you can do that is by practicing.

Six Easy Steps for a Victim Mentality

1) Sweat the small stuff! 

2) Write down everything in a journal. The larger the list, the better! 

3) Narrow down your list to the top 10. This list may change now and then as you expand and live your life. 

4) Market your list. Create an elevator speech for each of your top 10, making a sticky hashtag for each. Start each phrase with I or My. Take WEour of your vocabulary. It’s all about YOU! 

5) Post your list. On your mirror, closet, computer monitor and even inside one of your favorite food cabinets. Don’t forget about posting online! 

6) Practice communicating your list. The mirror is your friend to work on droopy shoulders, your eyes and even the lift of your eyebrows. With perfect practice, you will come across authentic and real!

No Desire for a Victim Mentality?

Hero MountainIf you have no desire to develop a victim attitude or you’d like to get rid of your victim attitude, please contact me right away about Hero Mountain™  because I can help you get rid of that victim attitude! In fact, I can help you develop a very good attitude and get unstuck in life!

HERO MOUNTAIN™ WEEKEND for women at halftime will be scheduled for early 2018 and is an intense, yet fun time of re-evaluation, re-invention and creating momentum! I am all about creating great experiences that help others learn and grow! Excited for you!

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Deborah Johnson

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DEBORAH JOHNSON, M.A., creator of Hero Mountain® and former president of Los Angeles National Speakers Association, is an international award-winning music artist, author, speaker and National Media Commentator. She also hosts the popular podcast "Women at Halftime." Deborah provides tools to create your ideal lifestyle and work at mid-career or during the halftime of life, getting unstuck. You can live your second half fulfilled, focused and free! Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy. She is also the recipient of the Women's Economic Forum Exceptional Women of Excellence Award. Deborah is the author of multiple books, over twenty albums and musicals and speaks and performs in both live and virtual events.

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