Are you ready to climb your own
Hero Mountain®?  Start your journey now!

Tired of wasting time? Feel like life is passing you by? Are you tied to the unimportant and want to be more focused? Do you really believe you can keep working and make a difference as well as a living? How much longer will you spin your wheels in the same place? This is YOUR journey and the whole Hero Mountain® program is built with you in mind!


Formatted as seperate modules/keynotes or one continuous workshop. Virtual or Live Presentations Available

Whether a recent college grad or at the halftime of life (age 40+) Hero Mountain® will greatly impact your life as well as your business! YOU are the hero!

Key Elements

Hero Mountain Mindsets
One hour in length--One hour Business CE Credit


  • Feeling “Not Good Enough?” Identify at least one attitude of obstruction as an individual and leader.
  • Do you realize the strength of your Emotional Intelligence? Learn the 5 basic components of Emotional Intelligence and identify yours in self and key relationships.
  • Identify at least one “trigger” to implement or remove. Adjust your mindset to overcome a potential obstacle and multiply your effectiveness!
Hero Mountain Purpose Mission
One hour in length--One hour Business CE Credit


  • Do you know your “WHY?” Determine yours for your life and business!

  • Do you have a Mission Statement? Create a Mission that will connect both personal and

    professional parts of your life that is simple, clear and impactful.

  • How effective do you want to be? Don’t be held back by age, race or experience!

One hour in length--One hour General CE Credit


  • Who are your closest relationships? Place them in circles of effectiveness.

  • Do you know your personality type? Discover yours as well as those in your close


  • Go one step further to Identify 5 languages of appreciation! (love languages)

  • Having trouble working with some personalities? Craft effective communication!

Hero Mountain Competency
One hour in length--One hour General CE Credit


  • Having difficulty identifying your strengths? Define personal competencies using Core Common Denominator® 4-­‐‑step technique.
  • Increase effectiveness of you and your whole team! Identify basic competencies of those in your close circle of personal and professional contacts.
  • Want to increase effectiveness even more? See how competencies and mission statements work together!
Hero Mountain Skills
One hour in length-One hour General/Business or Global CE Credit


  • Be CLEAR, not just CLEVER! Build your marketable skills based on your competency!

  • Do you have a Competency Bank? Create and Build on this to create incremental value

    for your future! Don’t waste another year!

  • Are you still facing negative self-­‐‑talk? Create healthy self-­‐‑talk in line with your skills!

  • Not sure how to build skills? Practice an implement perfect practice in at least one


  • How impactful do you want to be? Revise goals as needed and reach for those stars!

One hour in length--One hour Business CE Credit


  • Can’t break a habit? Identify the “trigger” and steps to change!

  • How ambitious are you? Define what is inexpensive or necessary ambition for you.

  • What do others see in you? What and how important is necessary ambition?

  • Do you stick to the facts or improvise? Create both adaptive and technical processes in creating true and lasting change.

  • Create a domino effect! Implement at least one to two triggers of change—you’ll be



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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connect the personal & Professional successfully!

Deborah Johnson, M.A.

I built a business as a professional pianist and vocal entertainer and also taught musical skills from the private to the graduate levels. In all these endeavors I developed successful solutions and systems to either develop my business or develop students skills so they could build their own careers. Putting systems together has also helped me create dozens of albums, write four books, three full-length musicals and hundreds of songs, many up for GRAMMY Awards. The Hero Mountain® system works!

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