• You have goals but you feel like you're spinning, going nowhere.
  • You're moving, but at a snail's pace and need tech help along the way.
  • You realize this is a perfect opportunity to rebuild or start building, but need some guidance and help to clarify and put in motion some of your dreams.
  • You've arrived at a plateau and need help moving to the next level. (also good for corporations!)
  • You feel like time is passing you by. You'd like to move at a quicker pace & get the help you need to make that happen.
  • You don't want to leave this earth without pursuing your dreams.  

Available for select individuals and corporate/small business teams

IN TIMES OF REINVENTION & CHANGE many FIND themselves  STUCK & NEEDING HELP. we help you with your PLAN and SYSTEMS for SUCCESS as a roundabout hero™.

  reach your personal "summit!"

Next Steps: Climb your Hero Mountain!®

where will you be in 5 months?

Become a  Roundabout Hero

Are you stuck, circling, unsure of your next move, asking “What’s Next?” Maybe you lack the confidence to take the risk in merging & moving forward in your life and career. Get the help, accountability & positive push you need to get through the roundabout you’re stuck on to truly be a roundabout hero™ as you successfully build your business & make changes in your life, all the way to your Hero Mountain® Summit!  



MONTHLY MASTERCLASSES - with guidelines for CE & PDC Credits



Halftime (age 40+) is the perfect time to invest in yourself.

Make your second half even better than your first! You're in your PRIME!

I changed the weekend format...

2020 has been a year like no other. People need SUPPORT and accountability more than content. I help you find your uniqueness and build on it! I do provide content, but also lots of support & a positive PUSH to keep you moving forward toward your dreams & goals. That's why I turned a weekend into a 5-month program. You are intelligent--you know what you want, but if not, I'll help you get there as well. I'm a thought-leader who knows how to motivate, direct and get things done! I also love people and want you to be successful!

Need Help? An Accountability Consultant will help you:

Gain clarity on what you need to do to succeed.

Meet your goals on a weekly basis, whether life, fitness, business or financial.

Set specific, measurable and realistic goals.

Analyze your setbacks & Celebrate your successes

Provide support and resources to improve your performance.

Gain self-sufficiency & inner strength.

Accelerate your progress with resources & connections.

Develop productive habits & consistency to overcome obstacles.

Hero Mountain Summit is a

5-Month Program

You’ll get resources, tech help, guidance, a sounding board, access to my system “behind the scenes”

You will have weekly check-ins including a short personalized video, a monthly webinar connected to Hero Mountain® and specific goals that you set to move you forward.

There will be consequences you set if you don’t achieve your weekly goals & rewards when you do!

Are YOU ready to move ahead? Questions? FAQ

Why 5 months & when does it start?

It takes least 5 months to gain traction & create a platform. You can then choose to continue, but you will have established a good, solid base. We only offer this program twice a year: Feb - June and July - November.


Why this program?

We focus on not only the professional area but your personal as well. They are both connected in many ways & there are not many programs that cover all that we do. Your inner strength is directly connected to your outer success! I provide full access to all professional development online courses in the full-speed & accelerator levels for the length of the program --if you want to create online courses this helps me take you behind the scenes give you the user experience--both are important! 


Will my investment pay off?

Your success entirely depends on you and your work & follow-through. If you do the work, we guarantee you'll move forward and get closer to where you want to be!


What makes this program different?

Accountability coaching is directly related to WHO you trust. You will get direct access to me. I have spent many years as a successful private instructor & also successfully written & produced over 2 dozen albums, 3 musicals and 4 books to date. Add to that a number of online courses & a successful podcast. I know how to get projects done and what it takes to launch & re-launch a business. I'm also honest about the "messy areas" of creating. That is VERY imporant! Your process will experience some bumps, but navigating them together will give you the momentum and push you need!


Interested? You can sign up NOW! Full Speed & Accelerator are great options for those who are interested in consultation.

First session is February - June 2021. Enrollment is limited and you must apply to be accepted. This will be a full 5-month commitment.

If you want to move ahead in your life and business, HERO MOUNTAIN® SUMMIT is for you!! Don't "wait!"

Hero Mountain Summit Levels

the climb

Offers below are for individuals and is the best way to get more direct access to me. For corporations & small teams, contact me directly.


Fast-track your progress with this choice that includes 2 monthly private sessions





  • Weekly short personalized video from me
  • Weekly check-in with goals you will set for yourself.
  • Monthly pre-recorded webinar & downloads on the Hero Mountain® Summit with specific applications you will make for your: mindsets, skills, competency, habits & purpose.
  • Access to all my online programs for the 5-month period. Worth over $1,056!
  • Two monthly 45-minute private ZOOM coaching sessions with me.

This level includes all the basics for true self-starters.





  • Weekly short personalized video from me.
  • Weekly check-in with goals you will set for yourself.
  • Monthly pre-recorded webinar & downloads on the Hero Mountain® Summit with specific applications you will make for your: mindsets, skills, competency, habits & purpose.
Mindset-Hero Mountain Summit-Deborah Johnson


To get unstuck takes a strengthened mindset to overcome fear.  Just as identity theft or a website hack, there is bad mental code working to hack and sabotage your life.

Mindset is the first cable of success in climbing your Hero Mountain!

Some feeling of fear and discontent is a good sign. That state of restlessness can motivate us to change. In considering change, consider the motive. Why are you discontent? Is it for the right reasons?

The Problem:

Negative self-talk and a "not good enough" attitude can hold you back, hindering progress in your personal and professional growth.

The Solution:

Distinguish mental adjustments to apply immediately, gaining a foothold of self-leadership & development.

Plan-Hero Mountain Summit-Deborah Johnson

The Plan

Define & put your plan in place for your climb. This can be for a startup, reinventing your life or business or even building your business. Many want to start a side business for an entrepreneurial venture.

A good plan is empowering and will give you a guide to move forward solidly with confidence. It is also measurable.

The Problem:

Just like heading off on a trip without Google maps or Siri, you can get lost in your journey to reinvent and restart without measurable goals and a plan to achieve those goals.

The Solution:

Create a plan that will work for your personal goals and dreams. Every situation, life and business is unique. With a good plan & support in that plan, you will be amazed at your progress!

Core Competency-Hero Mountain Summit-Deborah Johnson

Core Competency

Some mountain climber ascend sheer cliffs without any cables or ropes to aid them. These climbers use other tools that provide a strong, safe grip, such as shoes and carabiners.

When speaking of competency, we focus not only on abilities that aid us, like what we are passionate about and what our mission is, but also our personality makeups and current opportunities. 

In identifying your core competency, you not only look at your strengths, but you also know what and who to hire. This is invaluable!

The Problem:

The world has changed and many think their skills and abilities are no longer relevant or current. This is a lie!

The Solution:

Define how you can use your uniquenss and individuality in creative ways. Your core competency not only includes your inherit skills, but your experience and soft skills! We then build on them to fit your needs today!

System-Hero Mountain Summit-Deborah Johnson


Putting a good system in place is scaleable. 

It takes time and energy to put your plan in place, but then to develop good habits and a good system to support it is the key to sustainability.

In putting systems in place, we approach not only your plan, but the tech tools that will help you grow your plan and free you up to do what you really love to do.

The Problem:

Solopreneurs tend to work by themselves and when they quit, their business quits. But if there's a good system in place, it's scaleable and even saleable!

The Solution:

With a strong definition of your personal mission statement & purpose, put together a workable system that will free you up to do what you love. In the process, grow your life skills and business solidly and organically.

I can fly! shouted Mary, jumping from her seat. Your message was such a breakthrough for me! Mary Lou had recently lost her husband and lost herself in the process

Mary Lou Clark,  Retreat Attendee

Mary Lou Clark

Practical tools and helpful perspectives to facilitate transition and adapting to change!

Lucy Buchnan, PhD, Workshop Attendee

Lucy Buchan

...very helpful!...

Your workshop was very helpful for me to get unstuck

Cate Gremillion,  Conference Attendee

Cate Gremillion- 2019

The depth of layers that Ms. Johnson was able to bring to each session was magnified by her high level of musical ability...an asset to any organization

Judy Varley, Retreat Coordinator

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