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Some Assembly Required
Deborah Johnson

For anyone who has raised a family, the words some assembly required bring feelings of dread and failure. For us, it started with the baby crib...

Growth Mindset
Deborah Johnson

One of the secrets to staying young is adopting and keeping a growth mindset. I have pondered this as I've watched the world of my parents and inlaws shrink.

Deborah Johnson

Feeling OVERWHELMED? Overpowered, Submerged, Buried, Overworked, Drowning in Work or Debt?

Positive Energy
Deborah Johnson

Energy Zappers are those who are opposite from those who create Positive Energy.  My definition of Energy Zappers are those who drain energy and suck life out of you.

Commitment Phobia
Deborah Johnson - 614 words

Commitment phobia is everywhere. How many are afraid of signing any sort of contract or agreement with all of today’s legal implications and entanglements?

A Star is Born-Lady Gaga
Deborah Johnson

Lady Gaga is the new star of this year’s  A Star is Born. In many ways, the character Ally replicates Gaga's own life. 

Hostile Takeover Hack
Deborah Johnson, 720 words

Recently, one of the main membership plugins on my website was down and I immediately thought, Is my website experiencing a hostile takeover? 

Not good enough
Deborah Johnson, 945 words

Not good enough is a phrase that has recurred in many people’s lives, including my own. I was hit hard between the eyeballs with the realization there are still times I have those feelings that I’m not good enough. 

Market Value-Coins
Deborah Johnson,  856 words

Discovering and uncovering the market value of your strengths at halftime is extremely helpful when deciding what to do next. One of the key principles in evaluating stocks and bonds is always trying to figure out their real market value

Deborah Johnson-2019

Deborah Johnson
Speaker, Author

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DEBORAH JOHNSON, M.A., international award-winning music artist, author and speaker, helps others get unstuck with mindsets to reinvent their life and reach expansive goals. Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy. Deborah is the author of Stuck is Not a Four Letter Word, Bad Code and Women at Halftime: Principles for Producing Your Successful Second Half. She speaks and performs in both live and virtual events.

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