How to Create Positive Energy


Energy Zappers or Positive Energy? Energy Zappers are those who are opposite from those who create Positive Energy.  My definition of Energy Zappers are those who drain energy and suck life out of you. They are the people who call and usually never have anything positive to say. You hesitate because you just know there [...]

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Organizational Structure-Importance of a Master Plan


Uncovering Problems The importance of organizational structure and a master plan is illustrated in many everyday life situations. It is difficult to correctly evaluate some of the organizational structure unless problems are completely uncovered. I had a vivid example of this with a recent roof remodel on our home. During previous years, we experienced leaks [...]

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Good Questions to Ask


Unasked, Unsaid, UndoneWords unasked, thoughts unsaid and projects undone. How many times have we left a meeting or social event saying, I wish I had asked that question! Or, I wish I done that! Hindsight is 20/20 but there are times in our life where we are given the time to practice foresight with questions to ask.This [...]

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Holding Pattern


Hurry Up and Wait You hear the announcement over the speaker, We are presently in a holding pattern, but will be landing soon when we get the go-ahead from the ground. That is something most of us have heard multiple times who travel by plane. There are times when we feel like we’re in life’s [...]

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Authentic Lady Gaga


A Star is Born Lady Gaga is the new star of this year’s  A Star is Born. In many ways, the character Ally replicates Gaga's own life. Stripped from her makeup, costumes and stage persona, she reverted back to just Stefani Germanotta. She wanted to play the part previously played by Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Barbara [...]

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