Discovering your Family History with Wayne Haston

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Why Study Dead People? This article is based on an interview I had with Dr. Wayne Haston, an expert on discovering family history. So why study dead people? It’s a lonely hobby as it’s so narrowly focused! When Dr. Haston [...]

How to Go from Busyness to Living with Intention at Halftime

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Busyness vs. Intention We hear about the importance of living with intention vs. busyness. However, we equate being busy with being productive and successful. With my family in Georgia, our southern roots said busyness was next to Godliness! What time [...]

When a Type A Personality Marries a Type B

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Type A and B DifferencesThe potential for fireworks in a relationship increases when a type A personality marries a type B. That’s just what my husband and I did. Did we realize this when we got married? Heck, no! We [...]

Making Time and Space for You With Music and Art

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What about those Piano Lessons? At the halftime of life, (How do You Know You’re at Halftime?) it would seem like you could finally make time for you, even adding music and art in your life. What about those piano [...]

Why a Think Tank Works for Business 4 Business

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Think Tank Defined A think tank is a body of experts who provide advice and ideas on specific problems. Joan De Souza started a Business 4 Business think tank in her local area and she is successfully helping small business [...]

Five Principles for Intentional Living and Purpose at Halftime

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Intentional Living Intentional living means to live intentionally! It sounds so simplistic, but what does intentional living really mean? It is to live by design, live deliberately, live with calculation (remember calculators?) and to live premeditatedly. All this intentional living [...]

Do the Math: How Valuable are Your Skills?

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Do the MathCan you really do the math on the value your skills? Why do people discount their value and skills at halftime? Are your skills really worth anything?  And how do you assess your skills accurately? I will answer [...]

Are You Feeling it’s Too Late to Start a New Career at Halftime?

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Life's HourglassYou’ve had a dream to do something else for a long time—is it too late? You’re at the halftime of your life and you feel the sand moving through the hourglass faster…faster…and faster! (see How Do You Know You’re [...]

Raising the Bar: Overcoming Hurdles in Life with a Learning Disability

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The Song Dream a Little Dream of Me is a standard song I’ve performed for years, originally written in 1931. The highest chart ratings were by the Mamas and the Papas in 1968, but others included Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King [...]

Kobe Bryant Gone at Halftime

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Kobe Bryant-A Legend At age 41, the sports legend Kobe Bryant became a loving memory after dying in a tragic helicopter crash. It was a shock to many, myself included; almost surreal. Did it really happen? Not to Kobe! It was a foggy [...]