Some Assembly Required-Important Mindsets


For anyone who has raised a family, the words some assembly required bring feelings of dread and failure. For us, it started with the baby crib, a generous gift from our parents for our firstborn. We had picked out the perfect crib within our specified budget and were more than excited to get it home. [...]

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Reflect then Regroup in Five Steps


REFLECT, THEN REGROUP The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a good time to reflect, thinking carefully through what did work, what didn’t work and what you love to do before pushing the reset button to regroup. Successful business people take time for reflection. For example, take billionaire Warren Buffet.  [...]

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Seven Ways to Survive When Overwhelmed


SEVEN WAYS TO SURVIVE WHEN FEELING OVERWHELMEDFeeling OVERWHELMED? Overpowered, Submerged, Buried, Overworked, Drowning in Work or DebtThe start of a New Year can bring feelings of being overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and follow some of these quick-start steps. In doing so, you will survive and even thrive!1. DEFINE WHERE YOU ARE. Pinpoint your exact location. [...]

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How Hard is it to Take a Break?


Concentrated Spurts If you are a Type-A personality likeI am, it may not be easy for you to take a break. However, taking breaks is particularly important if working in a creative field. G.H. Hardy, one of Britain’s leading mathematicians in the first half of the twentieth century said, Four hours creative work a day is about [...]

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How Do You Spend Time?


A Lesson in Time Growing up surrounded by clocks was a good reminder to count the hours as well as watch how we spend time. It is especially relevant for those in halftime as one of the important decisions in halftime is deciding how we want to spend our time. Have you answered the question [...]

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Create a Form and Fill!


Creating most anything involves a form and fill system. There are many examples of this principle in construction, art and even nature. Most every foundation in a construction project is first created with forms, then filled with cement. The main bones of a home consist of a solid form, or frame, before filling and installing [...]

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Things to Be Thankful For


Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and it’s reminding me of all the things to be thankful for. There is so much focus in our family on the dinner, pies and getting together with family and friends. Even though I plan to make my traditional apple and pumpkin pie, I realize that [...]

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