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Downloadable Articles by Deborah Johnson

Downloadable articles by Deborah Johnson

Finishing Projects-1Permission to reprint goal setting articles by Deborah Johnson, is hereby given to all print, broadcast and electronic media provided that the contact information at the end of each article is included in your publication. Organizations publishing articles electronically, a live, click-able link to http://GoalsForYourLife.com must also be included with the body of the article. Categories:

Momentum, Goals, Growth Mindsets

Momentum, Goals, Growth Mindsets

Successes and Failures of Projects, pt. 1: Some of the reasons why you may have trouble finishing projects! 581 words

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Successes and Failure of Projects, pt. 2: Tips to how to successfully complete your project! 888 words

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Getting Ideas and How to Apply Them: Three ways to get and apply ideas! 808 words

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