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Change Your Life: Get Unstuck
Orientation & Introduction

Increase Productivity, Build Powerful Habits, Develop a Strong Sustainable Plan, Define Your Purpose! Each of the seven steps includes multiple videos and downloadable study guides! 42 total sessions! FREE first Intro-video below!

Change Your Life: Get Unstuck Outline

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  • Step 1: DEFINE YOUR TRAP This section will help you see the big picture of your life with a clearer focus and identify where you need additional help. (6 videos)
  • Step 2: REASSESS YOUR ASSETS You will focus on your abilities and opportunities, on truth and freedom, on friends, endurance, and lastly on taking a chance in your life. (6 videos)
  • Step 3: REINVENT YOURSELF This section will help you first define what you want and who you are, then help you creatively move forward in the different stages of your life.(6 videos)
  • Step 4: ELIMINTATE DISTRACTIONS  You will define, then eliminate the sucker branches, toxins, habits and time-wasters that are keeping you stuck. (5 videos)
  • Step 5: PLAY LIKE YOU'RE IN THE MAJOR LEAGUES  Learn about and apply the principles of training, skill and excellence to create the mindset of a major league player in life. (6 videos)
  • Step 6: DO THE BUSINESS  You will gain solid and tested life and business principles and rid the weeds that can damage and hurt the healthy work you are doing. Uniquess, Finances and Work. (5 videos)
  • Step 7: ASK WHAT YOU CAN GIVE  It is never too late to think about leaving a legacy and helping others, even if feeling stuck. Think about influencing a future generation or those you can help now. Includes a lesson on putting it all together. (7 videos)
Change Your life Get Unstuck

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Get Unstuck Video Course-Deborah Johnson

Ready to get started? There is no time like the present. If you are feeling stuck lost or just need a boost, this is the perfect series to help you move forward with increased momentum!  Easy access to do on your timetable, in your space. We suggest you go in order, but you can skip around--each lesson has its own video, text & MP3! It's like having a virtual coach, rooting for you every step of the way!  And you can review any lesson, any time!

Most online courses such as this are thousands of dollars. This course is only $320. That is a small investment for your future! Don't put this off. Remember, if you never start, you'll never finish!


What others are saying:

Jenny Lynn Stewart 

The course is very inspirational and is helping me to continue on my career path with a positive outlook. The presentation of the material is first rate with lots of beautiful visuals. The course is presented in short segments which is a wonderful approach for completing the course.

JoeAnn Mathis 

Excellent information. The instructor is knowledgeable and fantastic!

Marcos Omoto 

Valuable Information, Clear explanations, Engaging delivery, Helpful practice activities and Knowledgable instructor!

Most courses like this are THOUSANDS of Dollars!

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