July 12

Encryption or Alzheimers?

Encryption or Alzheimers?

By Deborah Johnson

July 12, 2017

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Encryption or Alzheimers?

Are you confused, unorganized, unfocused, with a lack of direction and feeling vulnerable, fearful of having Alzheimers? Encryption is a special code that gives you access to certain files. Without that code, you’re either locked out or unable to decipher what’s in front of you. Everything looks muddled. (watch short video below about Encryption and Alzheimers)

Maybe your mental files are encrypted and look like gibberish code. How did his happen? You are feeling more confused every day that goes by. You can’t seem to get focused. You lost your car keys yesterday and finally found your spare key today after searching three hours. You’re sure you sent your client the contract and disclaimer form for the work you did last month. Now, he wants a full refund and you can’t find any of the paperwork.

Look at the Symptoms

You immediately start looking up the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and you’re wondering if Dementia is setting in, but you’re only 40. You spend three hours chasing down an email you deleted last week by mistake. Now you’re fairly certain you’ve got Dementia.You buy a book full of Sudoku puzzles after realizing Sudoku puzzles help Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Systems and Organization

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SOME SOLUTIONS: Clean up your office. You’ve been confused much too long with too much clutter. Decide to put a system in place for all office paperwork. Remember, files have a purpose. They are meant to organize paperwork. I find that when my office is more organized, I feel more mentally focused and productive.

If you decide to go paperless and entirely virtual, organize your computer files just as you would organize your office and back up everything. Remember Brain Hack #7. (Ransomware) Also, organize all your passwords and put them in a safe place for easy access when you need them.

Passwords and Sudoku

Good passwords provide another layer of protection for your personal property, almost like good encryption.There are special online programs that will keep all your passwords safely protected and easily accessible. Although you’ll have to remember one main password to obtain access!

For time management, get a timer if you are the artistic type and set it for small intervals of time. Even an egg timer will work. You will soon start accomplishing small organizational tasks to feel more successful.

Although you could face Dementia or Alzheimers at your age, it’s a very slight probability. Just get more organized and you’ll feel better about life in general. Lastly, keep the Sudoku puzzles. They’re fun!

5 Tips to Help You with Encryption

  • Tip #1: Organize your Surroundings. Whether this is your home office, desk space or even car, organization usually increases productivity.
  • Tip #2: Simplify Your System. With multiple passwords and projects, your brain can easily become cloudy and confused. Be vigilant about keeping track of your changes!
  • Tip #3: Back up all your important files often. The little effort you spend for backing up your files pays off in droves with peace of mind if you are ever victim of a ransomware attack!
  • Tip #4: Keep Your Mind Active. I have observed many brilliant minds start regressing upon retirement. Keep reading and learning! Also, music is a wonderful tool to learn at ANY age. You are never too old! (See: Music for Kids book)
  • Tip #5: Keep Your Body Active! Your body is just as important as your mind. Daily exercise, even walking, will help keep mental and physical functions working and moving.

Live Dynamically

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