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Afraid you're no longer relevant and can't keep up with tech? Spend time with these Core Common Denominators to craft a future you're excited about!

Make sure you spend plenty of time thinking about all four of your columns. This will help you get unstuck and define the skills you need for your incredibly successful second half!

  • Love to Do: Make sure some of these are artistic and recreational.
  • Current Skills and Experience: Draw from past experiences that may be lying dormant!
  • Dreams and Opportunities: How do you want to spend your days?
  • Mission and Purpose: This is your WHY?
Women at Halftime Book

The CORE COMMON Denominator is taken straight from our Women at Halftime Book!

As a woman at halftime, with young adult children, aging parents, a suddenly 'empty nest', volunteer commitments, and a new career I'm trying to get off the ground -- this book could not have come at a better time! Deborah Johnson provides workbook-type exercises in an easily readable and relatable format. She tells stories using, among others, her own life experiences as an example. Although she is a profoundly accomplished musician, producer, writer, and speaker her tone is humble and yet strongly credible. I highly recommend this book for any woman facing the complexities of life at Halftime. ...Elisa Hays

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