October 27

Change Your Life in Minutes with Sandy Joy Weston


Change Your Life in Minutes with Sandy Joy Weston

By Deborah Johnson

October 27, 2023

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Did you know you can change your life in minutes? It sounds all-too-good to be true, but with a few principles and mindsets, it’s entirely possible! Some of the information in this article is based upon the podcast interview with Sandy Joy Weston, who exudes a firehose of energy and enthusiasm. She came up with her Wonderful Life System after creating a journal that just took five minutes a day for thirty days.

After releasing her project to the world, the five-minute journal failed and surprisingly, it failed with motivated people. But she found what did work. Putting together a simple system that would take just a minute to three minutes was doable. She found those same motivated people that didn’t have time for five minutes could carve one to three minutes of time out to journal consistently. I have expanded concepts with three principles here that have the potential to be life-changing, or at least life-altering. If you are at the point of asking “What’s next?” applying these principles could change your life, or at least motivate you enough to move ahead toward your next chapter of life.

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One: Create a Mindset of Positive Impact

A significant portion of our experiences in life is shaped by our thoughts and beliefs. While not everyone will have the opportunity to make a monumental, life-altering impact in society or individuals, maintaining a healthy and optimistic outlook can foster an environment of creativity, growth and transformation. This mindset can also influence our personal journeys, encouraging us to think innovatively and step beyond the boundaries of conventionality. A positive and supportive attitude can play a crucial role in setting a positive tone for events or meetings, even when addressing serious topics. It can also impact us personally, aiding in the successful completion of projects and the pursuit of new ideas.

Simone Biles, the esteemed American artistic gymnast, epitomizes a positive and fearless approach in her sport. Widely regarded as one of the greatest gymnasts in history, she consistently shatters records and serves as an inspiration to others through her exceptional talent, unwavering determination and joyful demeanor. Recently, at the 2023 World Championships, she showcased her abilities by successfully executing the highly challenging Yurchenko double pike move, a feat that earned her the privilege of having this move named after her. In fact, she has accomplished this honor for four other distinct moves as well.

For a different perspective of fortitude and positivity, when asked about the secret sauce of her success, Weston emphasized the importance of radiating enthusiasm in every aspect of life.  Every single day regardless of her role, whether waitressing, pumping gas or teaching a class, she made a conscious choice to shine brightly, hoping all could see and benefit from her enthusiasm. This mindset demands a deliberate act of the will and a purposeful decision, reflecting a proactive and determined approach to life.

Two: Create Consistent Habits

Aristotle’s insight remains timeless: We embody the essence of our repetitive actions. He stressed that true excellence isn’t a momentary act, but a consistent habit. While a plethora of wisdom on habits exists in books and  quotes on the transformative power of habits, one of the most valuable pieces of advice is simple: take that initial step and start. Often, individuals become stuck at the starting line, caught evaluating the difficulty or correctness of their position, instead of propelling themselves forward in the race.

I believe our daily actions set the overall tone not only for the day itself, but also for the subsequent week, month, and ultimately our lives. Each person’s daily routine will vary but the key is in establishing an effective routine. Personally, I set out my workout clothes in the bathroom the night before to help focus my mind and body for an early start on the treadmill or stationary bike. This does not mean that I leap out of bed, which is rarely the case. But it does mean my actions are an intentional act and habit for exercising.

Sandy Weston incorporates movement right from the start of her day. This could be as simple as her reaching up in the air or performing a jumping jack. As a former professional athlete, my husband finds that a thorough stretching routine early in the morning best suits his body’s needs. It’s easier if I have taken our little dog Amelia out for a walk as she thinks she’s a great help, licking his face and wanting to play as he lies on the floor. It’s hard to stretch when you’re laughing!

Three: Create a Daily Focus

A valuable takeaway from my conversation with Sandy was the practice of starting each day by focusing on a single word. It’s a simple act holding profound significance as it helps us focus our mindsets towards positive thoughts throughout the rest of the day. It also provides a guide in which to reflect on and write about in our journals. (start Change Your Life: Get Unstuck course FREE!)

The impact of fixating on a positive word can be transformative and life-changing. Sandy shared her personal experience of growing up in challenging circumstances, coming from the projects where her mother spent 50% of her time in mental institutions. To drown out all the negative vibes surrounding her, she developed a daily routine centered around three things, a practice she maintains to this day. Movement, one word and meditating.

These questions hold immense power: “How do I want to feel today?” and “How do I want to show up?” By answering those questions, we take charge of our emotional state and focus for the day. Is it peaceful? Is it joyful? Is it fun? We can then extend this practice to consider others. “How do I want others to feel today who are around me?” and “How can I help make someone else’s day better?

Change Your life Get Unstuck

Closing Application

The concepts in this article are straightforward in theory yet can be challenging to implement. However, once you initiate a system that works for you, it can totally free up your life. Remember, life is a precious gift. Approaching each day with gratitude and a commitment to spreading joy and laughter not only brightens your world but contributes to making the entire world a better, brighter place.

Extra Resources - Books:

Atomic Habits by James Clear: A guide to forming good habits and breaking bad ones through practical strategies.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg: Exploring the science behind habits and how they influence our lives and businesses.

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg: Unveiling the transformative impact of small changes on our behaviors and lifestyles.

Hooked by Nir Eyal: Revealing how to create habit-forming products and experiences.

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard: Insight into how extraordinary individuals develop high-performance habits.

- about Sandy joy weston

“Theatrical Keynote Speaker” Sandy Joy Weston, M.Ed. received her Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Temple University, and achieved her Bachelor of Science in Dance from West Chester University. She began her journey as a health club owner when she opened an in-home private training company called Specialty Fit as well as the first Weston Fitness. After success, she opened two more health clubs including one in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, PA.

Sandy’s vivacious personality and positive attitude made her impossible to ignore, so when Philadelphia’s NBC 10 caught wind of her, they approached her to become their fitness expert. During her time with NBC 10 she hosted fitness segments with the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and the 76ers. Sandy also created the nationally recognized Philly Street Line Dance to help combat Philly’s “fattest city” label in 2001, which she taught all over the city.

A significant portion of our experiences in life is shaped by our thoughts and beliefs.

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