A New Way of Doing Business

...Create a life & business YOU OWN

...and doesn't OWN YOU!

If today's business looks the same as yesterday's, you are in trouble!

Most small businesses fail within 5 years as they don't have a viable plan and process in place. Don't let this happen to you!

A New Way of Doing Business ONLINE COURSE coming soon!

You will walk away with a step-by-step approach that will serve as a guide to create a life & business that is doable, achievable and is aligned with your goals. This could be one of the best courses you take in 2020 and will be one you refer to over and over again! Yesterday's business model is not today's visionary model.

Want to make a change but not sure how? Maybe you’ve started to pursue your dream but you’re stuck in “overwhelm!” You’re not alone!

A New Way of Doing Business-Deborah Johnson
Staying in your comfortable spot sounds wonderful and much easier than moving toward fulfilling your dream. What if you fail? Can you survive one more failure in life? Plus, business "as usual" could be the death of your business. Today's world has changed drastically!

Maybe you should just wait, but you’re afraid if you do, you’ll never start. And can you really swing it financially? Life is only getting more expensive as you get older.

And what about the tech? As fast as technology is moving, you feel like you’re being left behind. There’s no way you can keep up so why try?

Most small businesses fail. How will yours be any different?

Most small businesses fail. How will yours be any different? Do you really have what it takes to make a go of fulfilling your dream?

Life as an entrepreneur sounds SO busy. You have friends who are working ALL the time that say “I’m living the dream!” Really? That sounds like SO much work! You want to own your business...not the other way around!

Create a Life & Business YOU own and doesn't own you!

Organize your life & business YOU own with a system and structure that doesn't own you. You will leave with your basic structure in place and a plan for your own automation hub!

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Automation Hub Graphic-Deborah Johnson

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

We will cover: purpose/mission, selling proposition, automation tools including: social media scheduling, organization of memes and content, video, establishing expertise, online courses, membership platforms, storage options. Yes...this is a lot to cover in this course, but with the extra downloads and resources you'll receive, we will cover everything! If you want to move ahead, this is the course for you!
Lifetime Access to the Online Course

You will be able to access all parts of this course, including videos, PDF Downloads and applications over and over again on your timetable and in your space!

Bonus content

 As we get closer to the launch date, there will be some special bonuses if you sign up early. You will also have lifetime access to these bonuses.

All PDF Downloads and Guide

These PDFs will provide additional material and resources for each of the areas that are covered, especially the Automation Hub.

An Extensive Resource/Research List

This resource/research list will give you current places you can further research your Ideal customer, your product and automation tools.

Three Main Sections to A New Way to Do Business

We can't cover EVERYTHING there is to know in two hours, but you will receive a wealth of information and leave with actionable steps you can apply immediately. This material will NOT overwhelm, but will allow you to dip your toe in the waters, or even swim a little!


Section 1: Create Your Ideal Lifestyle
Core Common Denominator-Deborah Johnson

You have the freedom to dream! But we will first approach MINDSETS and what MENTAL HACKS you are up against. What lies are you telling yourself that are holding you back? What are your CORE VALUES for your personal, professional and family life? You will define all of those and discover how they cross over in many areas!


Section 2: Create Your Ideal Business

Most small businesses fail because of not spending enough time on defining a viable selling proposition and ideal customer. 80% fail after 5 years and we want to change that statistic! What EXACTLY are you selling and how will you sell it? You may have a great idea, but is it sustainable? Even if you have this "down" you will further refine your product in this section. We will also briefly cover budget and what it will take to not only start, but continue with a strong Purpose and Mission.

Additionally, most don't spend enough timedefining their ideal customer. Even if you know who this person is, you will dig a little deeper. Plus, you will receive additional tools to further define your customer, where they hang out, what they like and how to reach them. The research tools you receive will help you continue this process long after the course.


Section 4: Create Your Automation Hub
Automation Hub-Deborah Johnson

This is the "secret" to having your business run automatically, but it can be tricky! Many want to start here because it's such fun--when technology works! It also "feels" like there's progress when you can check tasks off a list. This area is very important because what is implemented in your automation hub will KEEP your business going. Areas such as Newsletters, Videos, Social Media Posts, Podcasts, Memberships, Courses, Webinars... We will briefly cover each and you will receive a PDF guide on each area with ideas to pursue further after the course. You will leave defining 1-2 areas with a timeline to add first. You'll also decide what NOT to do, at least right away. This is a huge value to this program and one where you will get to view ALL these main tools and how they will fit together!


Even though there's so much value in the course alone, we've added a few extras! Why? Because we love you and want to help you achieve your desired lifestyle and business at the halftime of your life!

We take this process step-by-step. Even if you already are moving in the right direction, we know how easy it is to get "swept away," especially on technology!  Consistently also going over the basics is just like reviewing your scales and arpeggios on the piano. It's a must for good technique!

Create a Life & Business You Own...and doesn't own you!
A New Way of Doing Business-Deborah Johnson

Two hour live online course that will be recorded for further viewing and review.

All Downloadable PDFs, including additional resource list and research tools. You will leave not only taking a step forward to achieving your goal, but will define what NOT to do, which is extremely valuable! 


Bonus 1
Halftime Success Summit

Online Interviews with 14 amazing women on sponsorship, creative writing, branding, nutrition, surviving (from a Survivor finalist!) and more!

Producing Halftime Success

You also get a downloadable booklet with a page for each interview with the top takeaways! 


Bonus 2
30 Minute Coaching Call

This is a call with Deborah to review your plan. No matter where you are, this will help you! 

Deborah Johnson-2019

You will receive the greatest value from this bonus if you have your plan sketched out, but even if all you have is an outline, this call will be extremely helpful to help you move you ahead in your journey! Deborah doesn't do much "private coaching" so take advantage of this great bonus!


A NEW WAY TO DO BUSINESS Coming late June 2020

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About Deborah Johnson, M.A.

DEBORAH JOHNSON, M.A., international award-winning music artist, author and speaker, helps others get unstuck with mindsets to reinvent their life and reach expansive goals. Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she's an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy. Deborah is the author of four books, multiple online courses, composer of over two dozen albums, three staged musicals and hundreds of songs. She is past President of Nat'l Speakers Ass'n, Los Angeles and speaks and performs in both live and virtual events.

Deborah Johnson
Deborah Johnson

Here are just a couple responses to our programs... 

We have many more testimonials but here are just a few!

Maggie Whitley

Human Resources

...what I can do to hone my skills

As a young woman, I often feel I don't have the skills or opportunities to be an entrepreneur, but it was great to hear about what I can do to hone my skills to get there.

Cate Gremillion

Conference Attendee

...very helpful!...

Your workshop was very helpful for me to get unstuck!

Marcos Omoto

Online Student

...Engaging delivery!

Valuable information, Clear Explanations, Engaging delivery, Helpful practice activities and knowledgable instructor! 

Why are you hesitating?

I have made some decisions in my life this year to “fast track” some areas of my business. I don’t feel I have another five, or even seven years to ramp up different areas of my life. And none of us knows how much time we have. That was brought home recently with the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash at age 41. Even more tragic was the loss of his 13 year old daughter and some of her teammates. My heart goes out to their entire family.

We've also faced a world-wide pandemic. If your business looks the same today as it did even last month, you could be heading for trouble. Reinvention, restarting and regrouping are on everyone's minds. Many businesses are closing their doors and need to move on, somehow.

So what are you waiting for? My encouragement to you is to not waste a minute. If you even glean one small thing from this webinar that will help you, it will be worth your very valuable time. I am on your team and remember, we are all in this together!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 10-Days

We want you to be 100% satisfied! If you haven't at least accessed this course--which is not very large by most standards--within 10 days, we feel like you may never get to it. There are NO refunds if you never access the course! You need to give it a chance! Remember, you have lifetime access to all the material created during the course as well as the download materials!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How in-depth will you go on the Automation Hub?

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What if I'm still stuck after this course?

LIVE ONLINE COURSE Thursday Feb. 20 • 6-8P.M. (PT)

Value: $689  YOUR final Price: $320

From me to you...

I want to see you succeed! My goal is not only to give you content, but confidence, backed by research and tools that are necessary to give you the best possible chance for unbelievable success and fulfillment! So make sure you get your spot!