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Working Through Your Golden Years with the Pink Lady!


Working Through Your Golden Years with the Pink Lady!


Golden Years

Who’s to say you can’t have a vibrant life and even develop a profitable career through your golden years? The golden years are usually defined after age 65 and after retirement, but that is hardly time to quit-you are not dead! I interviewed The Pink Lady who is in her 89th year and still going strong producing a weekly T.V. show for 10 million viewers for our Women at Halftime Podcast. She wrote the book Get Up, Get Out and Get a Life. and had some wonderful insights about working through the golden years.

I have followed the mantra for a good number of years that the longer you can keep your mind and body active, the greater your chance of living a long and fruitful life, no matter what age. With the halftime of life officially starting at age 40, there’s still time for many to embark on a couple additional careers and plenty more projects! In this article we will focus on four crucial life choices that will carry you through your golden years. Own who you are, develop a survivor attitude, always be ready and follow your heart.

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Own Who You Are

The Pink Lady decided at the age of four to take a stand, adopting the mindset of Letting no one rain on her parade! The stubborn little girl’s attitude paid off as she developed her brand and travel schedule throughout her whole life. There are many people today who have never owned up their uniqueness, abilities and even awards. In a society that says it encourages you to be your own person, it still rewards conformity and sameness with social media bashers daring you to express anything outside the norm.

The golden years are the perfect time to develop, broaden and even grow your influence as at this time of life, many have lived long enough or have faced enough critical barbs from others to just let them roll off. Even Kermit the Frog knew he was different than others when he said, It’s not easy being green. Though I really like the love of his life’s Miss Piggy’s comment, I don’t care what you think of me unless you think I’m awesome, in which case, you are right.

You are uniquely you, no matter what age. Some people never fully own their uniqueness and that is unfortunate. What I have found is that most people care more about themselves than care about what you are doing anyway. So be you, unique and wonderful you!

Develop a Survivor Attitude

Every person has a choice to make, no matter what cards they are dealt in life. The Pink Lady was widowed at age twenty-six with three children under eight years old. She had a choice to make. Either she could live with a victim attitude, which tends to be extremely self-focused, or live with purpose and focus on her children, others and the future. Fortunately, she chose the latter option.

Deciding to establish a positive attitude with lots of gratitude is always the best choice but one that is discounted with a victim attitude. It’s never too late to adopt a gratitude mindset and it will take you a long way in developing healthy self-talk and focus. Then, instituting a strong purpose, or why will help you get unstuck and stay unstuck. It’s one of the principles in climbing your Hero Mountain the way many are able to get off an endless roundabout, circling. If a single mom, the main purpose of raising kids and providing a place for them to flourish and grow is a beautiful purpose. For a new or struggling business, keeping the focus on your mission and purpose will inspire you on the days you feel like quitting.

Golden Years-Neblia Abdulmelik

Always be Ready

In addition to Always be Ready, the Pink Lady said, Always have your makeup on. This may sound silly and even outlandish to some, but the principle is to be ready for the unexpected. While growing up, if I wasn’t on my deathbed, (which was never!) my parents encouraged me to get up and get dressed. This may sound calloused to some, but they insisted it would make me feel better and indeed, it did.

I could still take it easy, but freshening up had a way of lifting my spirits and attitude. There is a tendency of letting the sloppiness of attire and surroundings rub off on the sloppiness of attitude and work. This concurs with what the British Psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott’s said, May I be alive when I die. Life is for the living and vibrant and we should live every day thankful for the gift of breath and experience it brings.

Follow Your Heart

It’s never too late to follow your heart. It’s not when we age but how we age that’s important. Our attitude is a choice unless facing a severe health challenge, keeping your dream alive and pursuing it with positivity and perseverance is entirely possible. At age seventy-two, the Pink Lady reinvented herself becoming a SAG actress, winning Ms. Sr. America Pageant and starring in commercials. She currently produces a weekly television show, taping twelve to fifteen shows a month for an audience of 18 million.*  When asked when she’s going to retire, she says she can’t because she’s booked until she’s 100!

There has never been a better time in history to follow your heart and pursue your dreams. Opportunities abound, but fear and inactivity will hold many back from pursuing their dreams. It takes risk and even a leap of faith for many to venture out from their comfort and safety zone. My recommendation is to start small, even with a side business (get your free side business template here) and get the help you need to put the pieces in place. I will quote Pink one more time about life and living. Love it and live it before you have to leave it. Enough said.

Heart-Golden Years

It's never too late to follow your heart.

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DEBORAH JOHNSON, M.A., inspirational speaker, author and international award-winning music artist, helps others get unstuck and get off a plateau by producing and executing a successful plan to make their second half better than their first. Her message builds on her unique professional experience as a headline entertainer, composer, author, and owner of several businesses. Her 5th book The SUMMIT, out fall 2021, is an inspirational allegory that takes us on an enchanted journey to reach the Summit of our Hero Mountain®, never losing hope in the capacity of the HERO INSIDE all of us. Deborah hosts and produces the popular Women at Halftime Podcast. Up for multiple GRAMMY awards & spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she’s produced over 2 dozen albums, and 3 musicals. She is also a past president of the National Speakers Association, Los Angeles.


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